The colors in dreams suggest the same symbol as they are known in life, therefore, they can be applied to the suits and dress or clothing in general. The characteristics of the clothes are what make the meaning of the dream, as it can be of various shapes, colors and materials and may appear in many different situations. When a man dreams of a suit to measure, or if female, dress, success means close, if it appears clean. But seeing it broken or dirty is a warning about the presence of enemies who want to harm him (a). Dreamed dressed in many colors suggests that soon will change fortune. Black dress suggests dreamed nearby lawsuits, difficulties, misunderstandings and generally annoying and difficult to resolve situations. Dream elderly people dressed in white suggests that the dreamer or a relative are in poor health. Dreamed dress (a) totally unsatisfactory white suggests coming changes and may even be harmful, all related to health. Unfashionable dreamed dress and ridiculously suggests that the dreamer is reluctant to modern ideas and customs, ie, which is very conservative. I dreamed fashionable dress is a good dream, it means good friends, win-win situations, and unrequited love healthy, successful businesses, etc. Dreamed of buying or premiering new clothes and good presentation either man’s suit or dress woman, means upcoming changes in the life of the dreamer. When the color of the clothes are black or dark gray means unfavorable changes (sadness, poverty, disappointments, etc.). If it is white, the change will be to no serious or dangerous diseases. When it appears in one or more, especially bright green, bright colors means joys and successes, particularly social. The blue color in clothing means change toward the spiritual or intellectual, always seeking high levels. If red means energy, change in business or work, etc. When a woman dreams she’s wearing a defective clothing, rags or spotting may mean that receive ill-treatment due to misunderstandings with people who esteem, if, on the contrary, has a beautiful dress, it stands next successes, especially in social relations depending on the medium in which it unfolds. When the dress is white, announced for promising young women and for women over love sincere and affectionate friends. If the dress is black, and even worse if it’s ugly and poor quality, it suggests that there are jealousies and selfishness around. If it appears with many colors or color spots suggests upcoming changes and ups and downs, that is, some people will express their estimate while others attack. Much of the above also applies to men….


A tribe in all cases represents the emotional, family or relationship circle, around which has been implemented dreamer’s life, it will be necessary to analyze all the elements of the dream to give meaning to sleep in the proper context….


Braid represents, as in real life, a complex situation. The usual meaning of this dream is a delicate situation confused and find a solution that is suitably adapted to the needs and own concerns….


Ink dream announces generally good news, provided that during sleep the ink does not spill or spill, then announces discord. If the ink is black dreams, foretells the imminent arrival of a family member or friend who estimate. If it is red, it is a sign that our behavior may be a misunderstanding. If the ink is green, as in real life, it is a symbol of hope. Dreamed with ink stained clothes he suggests that there slanders and intrigues around the dreamer | gossip which should care. This meaning is particularly serious in the case of a young woman. Dreamed with ink on the fingers suggests being jealous (a) and if the ink is red, then hints at risk of falling into serious problems for sentimental reasons. Ink manufacturing dreamed hints that engage in matters that require a lot of paperwork. Dreaming ink bottles full of hints that the issues themselves are stopping by bureaucratic and selfish motives….


Dreaming of wills, property, money, inheritance, etc., is common in people with economic problems | ie those dreams are a reflection of your needs. Usually the meaning is that it will go through complicated, full of disputes that will arise because of material interests family situations. It will be a very difficult time to clarify the situation, so emotional losses may be final and, in many cases, will have to go to court to resolve things. In the field of business will not be lucky, because they will be affected negatively by various circumstances. We must have patience to overcome this difficult stage, for better times….


Dream lightweight fabrics for women’s dresses, he hinted that soon improve matters being handled. Dreaming people dressed in high-quality fabrics suggests that in the immediate future economic benefits will be received, for example dividends, lotteries, inheritances, etc. This meaning is applicable to a greater extent if the dreamer is dressed in fine fabrics | but if they appear stained, dirty or broken, then it means the opposite. In general, when in sleep fabrics are presented in good quality and pretty colorful, we can expect good times with great success avecinen | if, on the contrary, they appear dirty and damaged and are associated with unpleasant feelings are harbinger of a disappointing future in which we will see how all projects fail. When in sleep are bought or sold fabrics portends that the financial situation will improve quickly and unexpectedly. It is a sign of happiness in life and great prosperity….


View during sleep tiles in good condition means that we are protected against the hazards of daily life. Usually a sign that we will use our advantages to provide greater comfort to our home and that we will achieve happiness in the family. The dream becomes an opposite meaning if the tiles are broken or damaged and depending on the seriousness of his condition. In general, a roof or a roof symbolize the protection of your possessions and property and the safety of your family and home relief….


If we are shivering during sleep, usually a warning that difficulties are coming next. In some cases this dream is directly related own health ailments dreamer and has therefore no meaning….


This dream has special meaning for those who enjoy or regularly participate in gambling, and indicates that it is not a good time to risk making a bet, and that should be patient and wait times of better luck….


When a man dreams that his wife is mopping or washing floors or walls announces that suffer shame, sorrow, unavoidable commitments, which puts you at risk of becoming a victim of blackmail. It is the same meaning in the case of the man who handles the mop. In both cases, if the trapero appears broken, it hints coming hardships and failures due to social relationships or emotional problems….


Get the victory in a tournament or competition is almost always an excellent omen regarding the conduct of the companies themselves. It is a sign of one’s reputation will spread beyond the usual circle of relationships and circumstances that favorable approach. They are to take into account the specific circumstances of tournament or competition of this dream, this due to reverse symbolism of dream victory usually has the opposite meaning, and means it is very likely that soon afflictions, losses occur and humiliation….


The meaning of this dream depends on the situation we find ourselves in the same dream. If in the dream we find that the curfew imposed on us, usually it means that sudden events that occur impose prudence, and quite possibly serious problems that will upset everyday activities….


See a mosaic in your dream, it represents the various aspects and components. You need to consider things in a broader perspective. Things may seem insignificant and meaningless, but you need to be stand back and consider the big picture….