Any dream a bed with nothing special in it usually indicates not satisfied sexual desire. Dream clearly a clean bed, preferably if it is white, hints inner peace and tranquility of the dreamer | however, if it is a dirty, messy and worse bed even if you have dark colors or black, announces disease either in the dreamer or people close to him. A young woman who manages a bed hints that longs to appear in your life a lover or soon will enjoy a nice job. Dreamed of lying on a bed in an unfamiliar room he insinuates that soon receive the visit of friends. Dreamed of sleeping in a bed outdoors he hints that soon receive significant opportunities to improve their lives. A sick person lying on a bed dream is warning that, if not take the proper precautions, soon their woes will worsen risking his life. Dream to see an acquaintance and pale, emaciated and lying on a bed, suggests that soon unpleasant facts occur among his friends that somehow affect the dreamer, such as family illnesses that threaten to cause misfortunes. Dreamed bedwetting at night close announces problems either disease or unforeseen bad business. When a woman dreams to one or more of their children who wet the bed at night hints that lives in a constant state of nervousness, restlessness and uncertainty for several reasons….


 If the bed is gloomy, dark, shabby or located in a dingy, dark room he warns us of a possible disease who are lying on it. If is empty, danger of someone close. -A Huge bed indicates obsession with sexual issues. If is very small, lack of interest in them. If the bed is clean and well groomed it indicates that we are right with our partner. -Sucia And disorderly, dissent and disagreement. -Rota, Divorce or widowhood. -A Very ornate bed, refinement in love. If it is different from ours, new loves. -See People who do not know in our bed, danger of squabbles….

Bedroom, dormitory, bedchamber

Dream that remains or sleeping in an alcove, is a warning that caution should be exercised because there may be someone who wants to discover secrets and could be dangerous….


 If the bed is gloomy, dark, shabby or located in a dingy, dark room warns of a possible disease who are lying on. If empty, danger of someone close. -A Huge bed indicates obsession with sexual issues. If it is too small, lack of interest in them. If the bed is clean and well groomed it indicates that we are right with our partner. -Sucio And messy, disagreement and dissatisfaction. -Broken, divorce or widowhood. -A very ornate bed, refinement in love. If it is different from ours, new loves. -See People who do not know in our bed, danger of squabbles….

Bedroom (s)

Dreamed inside a luxurious bedroom and advantageous announces upcoming life changes and long leisure trips to beautiful places, thanks to a stroke of luck that will provide money, favors or services. A young, unwed that dream in a luxurious bedroom, symbolizes that longs to marry a rich man who might happen to meet a foreigner. Dreaming a chambermaid at work, changing the bed linen and grooming the room, suggests that soon there will be unpleasant changes to the dreamer. The man who dreams falling to a chambermaid suggests that their actions and mentality are not honest, and that will bring various problems….

Hiding place

Dreamed preparing or building a hiding to save some hints that feared enemies or failures, why he decides to hide. If in the dream finished constructing the hideout and keep something in it, indicates that triumph over adversity. Looking anxiously dreamed a hiding place suggests that the dreamer knows guilty of something wrong….


Happiness at home. deranged, you will have to correct errors in their work. 31 – bed – one lucky number sleep bed – 31…


…Sleeping or resting in her room, secret love, hidden passions. Act with caution and not rely too much on others. 16 – bedroom – A lucky number dream bedroom – 16…


Many authors indicate that the size of the bed we see in dreams speaks of the importance we give to our own sexuality. If the bed is dark and gloomy can I be a harbinger of disease, if it is broken problems with your partner, if it is very clean and decorated, it shows our desire for refinement in the relationship, and if it is dirty and messy, disagreement and dissatisfaction with the march of our intimate relationships….


Lying denotes a relative economic security with your partner, happiness; with a person of great physical attractions, disappointments; with an ugly person, death or illness; with a person of the same sex, anger and concerns. 45 – bed – a lucky number bedtime sleep – 45…

Bed bugs

…In view of all hot flashes. 2 – bedbugs – A lucky number sleep bedbugs – 2…


Verse lying alone in dreams indicates a period of uncertainty, waiting to see difficulties we not able to overcome without help, and waiting for the same the only thing we do is hide our sadness and impotence. If we are lying in the open is that what really makes us suffer is nothing more than a temporary discomfort without gravity we imagine. If we are in bed with someone of the same sex, or this has been in the same room, indicates that in addition to the uncertainty we feel tormented by what others might say. If we are in bed with someone of the other sex or this has been in the same room it is approaching the end of our problems….


(See CAMA) 57 – bed – A lucky number sleep bed – 57…


 The house symbolizes our being and our personality. The bedroom, rest and sex….

Comb, comb, combed

 It reveals concern about our appearance. As easy or difficult it is us comb our hair will be our personal affairs in the coming days….

Bunk bed

 Symbolizing indolence and passivity….


 -Acostado Only presages a period of uncertainty. -Acostados Outdoors is only a temporary discomfort. With a person of the same sex we feel torment by what others say. With a person of another sex it indicates that our problems are over….


 Portends loneliness and restlessness….


 If he’s flowery it is a sign of joy and well-being. If the flowers are wilted or neglected without flowers parterre announces worries and problems….


To dream that a handful of hair turns gray and falls, it indicates trouble and even problems and diseases. To dream that will start to get gray hair, it indicates taste, joy, pleasure and even fortune for all of your future life. To dream that sees tangled, messy, uncombed hair, it indicates upcoming marriage difficulties or with family and friends. To dream that hair itself is envaneciendo indicates the death of someone close, whether relative or friend. To dream that her hair grows soft, supple and rich, announces significant success and happiness, but should not be interpreted in a strictly economic sense. Sonar that the hair is cut close to the scalp, it indicates excessive generosity towards a friendship that can end up with a bad result. Dream that someone cuts your hair, involves various problems and difficulties in the immediate future. Dreamed flowers as if they were his hair suggests problems and difficulties that disturbed his mind, but when they occur, will not seem as severe as they were considered. To dream that beautiful hair, well maintained and groomed, announces next improvement in their affairs is. Dreaming that your hair turns white in one night, although his face is still young, he announces upcoming calamities, pains and various sufferings. When a woman dreams that indicates serious risk of losing the loved mainly due to a sudden illness, which may well have originated indiscretions of the woman herself. If you are a young student who looks gray or brown hair, either their own or another head, indicating hesitation to choose a career or trade. When a woman dreams which compares a white hair (graying) with black hair taking his head, he insinuates that will be torn between two offers of probable fortune and eventually take the option that suits you less, indicating losses. which has difficulty combing, she suggests that for their bad manners (disdain, arrogance or misconduct) may lose the friendship and favors a man of good social and economic position. which he is dropping his hair and is balding, it announces to be prepared, because its future portends poverty and hardship. which your hair turns white and shaped like flowers, it indicates various problems that affect, but it will be less difficult to resolve if she faces energy, patience and intelligence. which he has a beautiful hair and is combing, states that nature is careless in their personal affairs, which puts her at risk for losses due to negligence and distraction. – (If young woman) who sees several women with gray hair, announces the presence of rivals in interests and loves. When a man dreams which the bride has red hair, it indicates infidelity and that will be discovered by the woman he loves. Red hair usually indicates movement, changes, etc. which she caresses the hair of a woman | He insinuates that enjoy the affection and trust of an important woman in your life even if it produces social criticism. which sees a woman with golden blond hair suggests the likelihood to engage in an affair with the wife of a friend, which involves various dangers. He has curly hair which indicates that disappoint people who visit his home, and every woman to trust him. This same dream indicates that a woman is exposed to seduction. which it is covered with hair preaches indulgence in vices to end away from society and all decent attitude. This same dream in a woman (or she discover their own long hair) indicates desire for independence to satisfy their impulses away from the rules of morality. which is covered with hair she suggests that due to an excess of generosity end up poor, both in material goods and health, which will produce distressing concerns….


 If the sheets are gloomy, dark, shabby or lying on a bed in a dingy, dark room he warns us of a possible disease who are lying with them. If the bed is empty, danger of someone close. -Thalassotherapy Huge sheets indicates obsession with sexual issues. If they are very small, lack of interest in them. If the sheets are clean and well appointed it indicates that we are right with our partner. -Sucias And untidy, disagreement and dissatisfaction. -Rotas, Divorce or widowhood. -Thalassotherapy Very ornate sheets, refinement in love. If they are different from ours, new loves. -See People who do not know sleeping with our sheets, danger of squabbles….


To dream that is being combed (a) by a hairdresser means gossip, gossip, intrigues slander. Dream of a barber at work, and better if it is clean and good presentation, suggests that the dreamer is a straight, clean and educated person who aspires to success in their affairs or business, including love | but this always devoting full attention and effort. To dream that is being combed (a) by a barber dirty and unpleasant presence suggests that the dreamer has not chosen well to their friends and so will suffer setbacks. When a woman dreams a hairdresser in his work suggests that hardly achieve improve their economic situation in the short term. Also advised to take care of their personal appearance….


Sonar with a firearm is sickness and death. Be injured with a weapon dagger-is a sign of envy, jealousy and dislikes. Having a gun in your hand is a sign that you need material things to feel fully satisfied. View or to hold a weapon in your dream, it indicates a need to defend and protect themselves emotionally and / or physically. You are experiencing some conflict in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream may also indicate a desire to hurt someone or hiding something. your dream provides a safe place to express these desires asylum. Others are rich dream, suggests that you have to look and draw the help of those around you….


 If you dream of an erupting volcano, indicating lack of control of your potential, your energy. You are living beyond your psychic possibilities and, from one moment to another, you can break out. You should take precautions; your health and your body are in danger if you do not submit to certain controls. Your goals are good, but the way that you hold is not right, it is really explosive. Control your aggression. If the volcano is off, it indicates that you are in full regression. Let out your inner what you wear too hiding for fear of failure, that others will not take you seriously or your intentions scoff time, they are all the same emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas or projects. You have immense power that must channel properly. And now is the time to put it up, you do use it you think most appropriate….


Dream a coat of any kind implies that setbacks and humiliations by my enemies will suffer. Using a borrowed coat dreamed announces that outsiders will hurt by intrigue and slander. Dreamed of wearing a new coat, though not luxurious, it suggests that all is well in their affairs and that soon the results will be good. You wear a coat dream may mean that is hiding the true personality under a protective layer of appearances. If another person who wears the coat is there around you someone who hides under pleasant appearances selfish intentions….


…Not good hiding and away from others. Nurture your friendships and be more open. 20 – Snail – a lucky number sleep snail – 20…


It means we are hiding our personality and depend on the type of coat, the interpretation to be given to sleep. We will also consider if in sleep we are protected under the shelter of the cold, rain, etc. | and also if the coat gives us a sense of weight or comfort. In any case, this dream will be telling us about some aspect of our personality that has to do with how to show others….


Dreamed with an umbrella or parasol in hand is announcement of problems and unpleasant situations for which to prepare. Dreaming others who carry umbrellas in hand suggests that someone will approach for help. Dreamed borrowing an umbrella announces negative and unpleasant moments that orillarán him to seek help. Providing an umbrella dreamed suggests that soon receive samples of ingratitude. To dream that lost a lawsuit umbrella means someone always trusted and believed. Dream a broken, useless umbrella, it suggests that surprise will be hurt (a) in their employment, business, etc. Dreamed a pretty umbrella or umbrella during a rain is announcement of prosperity and good luck. Dreamed hiding an umbrella generally refers to illicit love affairs or business unmentionable. This dream is a self-reproach. A young woman who dreams an umbrella or parasol is a warning that, because of their suspicious behavior soon suffer vilification and rejection of friends….


 If we are eaten by a big fish it indicates that we are in a process of perfection and purification. In other occasions we devour a fish indicates a real danger that can cause us moral and material losses. -The Small fish that tried to fish with our hands and scurry reflect the memory or fear of sentimental disappointments. -The Solitary fish dead or indicate bitterness, despair and loneliness. -the Solitary fish hiding among the rocks reveals the desire to hide where we can evade responsibilities and sorrows….


Mustaches dream indicates that your life, in general, is cheerful and carefree. If the whiskers are white means that your old age will be completely happy. If the color is black mustaches is that live afflictions and torments. If shaves whiskers is to be extremely prudent in all your actions and words. If a woman with a mustache appears in the dream it is a sign of distrust and jealousy. If a woman has a mustache and dreams that indicates that expresses energy in words. To dream that has a mustache when you do not have means hiding some aspect of your personality. a costume or show only some aspect of your personality sets. To dream that denotes shaves off your mustache showing your true personality. no longer you have to hide under a costume or some protection. On the other hand it will try to get in a position of honor and abandon bad companions….