…View a wedding in a dream symbolizes a new beginning or transition in your life today. Dreams involving weddings are often negative and highlight some anxiety or fear. It often refers to feelings of bitterness, pain and death. In addition, the wedding dreams reflect your edits on independence. To dream that remarries with your current wife / or represents truth and happiness. It can also mean a new phase (such as parenthood) of your life. If you are married and dreams of her wedding, indicates stress of organizing a wedding. Excessive wedding details, conflict, tension with family, fear of commitment and loss of independence may be the cause of anxiety produced by the wedding. Research has shown that 40% of brides dream with your ceremony and even though the preparations are going well. To dream that you are planning your own wedding, it is a metaphor that symbolizes the union of the masculine and feminine side. It represents a transitional phase in seeking some sort of balance between aggressive side and emotional side. If you are the person who marries means you will be very happy. If you attend a wedding is that, on occasion, want to make changes in your life. If you see a wedding without participating he is approaching death and bitterness….


Every altar usually symbolizes repentance, contrition, need to sacrifice, and it is assumed that this is the spirit that acts | therefore, the dreamed before an altar, with or without a priest present indicates a certain self-reproach that will serve to review the conduct itself to ease their conscience. Dreaming an altar, with or without a priest officiating, it is a warning to the effect that the conduct of the dreamer is not as good as it should, so it is committing serious errors. Dreamed of building an altar announces joys, successes and benefits in business, employment or social relations. Dreamed of destroying an altar portends failures, pains, diseases, etc. Altar dream that a partial or completely destroyed for any reason is observed, indicating that the dreamer has or will soon have reason to suffer sadness, nostalgia, memories, all motivated by something that was never to return. Dreaming an altar before which a marriage is performed indicates reasons for sadness with friendships that will affect the dreamer. In some cases usually indicates the death of an elderly person. A dream officiating before an altar indicates that difficult situations, whether in employment, business or home, and soon will go through moments of anguish will be presented priest….


…If you get married means happiness at home. If you attend a sometimes indicates that longs to turn around his life. If a wedding is not participating in it means death and / or bitterness. 62 – wedding – lucky number dream wedding – 62…

Ring of weddings

See a wedding ring in a dream represents the fullness and eternal love. If this is married and a wedding ring can mean that your relationship has reached a new level. To dream that you lost your wedding ring means an unsolved problem in your marriage….

Wedding dress

Wear a wedding dress in a dream indicates that you evaluate and determine your personal relationships. See someone put a wedding dress suggests that feels closed or unworthy….


 -Attend A wedding = * For a single indicates promise of happiness close. * For a / a married / a, family concerns. -Attend Our own wedding = * If you are single, positive changes in your life. * If married, marital trouble. * If you are married and go marry your partner also marital difficulties….


 If appears in good condition bodes well, presages our marriage or an acquaintance. If he’s ruined it bodes ill, loss of consideration….

Bride and groom

A woman of any age who dream wedding dress without getting married, may mean that soon receive abuse and bad news, either family or friends highly appreciated. A young woman dressed as a bride dreaming and kissing some people, there is no indication that there will be wedding, but simply that in the future will have many friends and entertainment. When are friends who kiss the dreamer, it may mean that the groom, and after marriage, receive significant economic benefits. A young, unwed that dream wedding dress, happy and ready to get married, she doing it all your wedding preparations, may mean that soon receive substantial economic benefits and other. A young, unwed that dream as a bride, ready to get married but feeling uncomfortable, may mean that you will soon present unpleasant situations in their love and family relationships. When a woman next to marry dream that feels repulsed by the man who will be her husband, it may mean that soon there will be problems after marriage. This dream is a warning. Those who dream of kissing a bride in a marriage that looks sick or uncomfortable, can mean that the dreamer or soon see their interests affected and lose friends. The man who dream of leaving the bride being already married, can mean that you are losing human values ​​of various kinds that can no longer recover in real life, such as friends or family. The man who dreams groom dress ready to get married, can mean very soon have problems in your life, which can be from disease, at work or in business….


See a marriage in a dream symbolizes a new beginning or transition in your life. Dreams involving marriage generally have negative and highlight some anxiety or fear. Often they referred to teardrop sensations, pain, or independence. To dream that you remarries with your current partner represents truth, happiness and highlights a strong relationship between you. It can also provide a new phase in your life. If in real life will get married and dream about your future wedding indicates stress of organizing the wedding and can be the cause of anxiety. On the other hand provides a happy and well-being era. Dream about planning your own wedding is a metaphor symbolizing the union of masculine and feminine side. Attending a wedding means changes and certain times in your life….


 The hawk symbolizes rise in all planes of existence; physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual. Indicates victory and superiority. If in our dreams we see a hawk tearing a hare announces the victory over the lustful desires. If you are flying from left to right symbolizes an idea, a high-flying project that can transform our lives. If fly from right to left can mean a regression in our situation and even the end of an elevated position. If we are people with spiritual aspirations, and we see the hooded hawk in our dreams symbolizes the long-awaited desire to receive the light of enlightenment….


 The hawk symbolizes rise in all planes of existence; physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual. Indicates victory and superiority. If in our dreams we see a hawk tearing a hare announces the victory over the lustful desires. If you are flying from left to right symbolizes an idea, a high-flying project that can transform our lives. If fly from right to left can mean a regression in our situation and even the end of an elevated position. If we are people with spiritual aspirations, and we see the falcon symbolizes our dreams hooded long-awaited desire to receive the light of enlightenment….


When a woman dreams that marries an elderly man, he suggests that soon will have several problems, including some painful illness. If during the marriage the groom looks in an attitude of anger, he indicates trouble with friends great esteem. Anyone who dreams that are in the presence of a marriage and suggests good news coming joys | but when she marries and those attending the ceremony appear dressed in black, he suggests that the dreamer will suffer disappointments and sorrows. In some cases indicates death of someone very dear, whether relative or friend. When the dreamer is making application to marry indicates bad news. If the dreamer is in a wedding party but as a relative of the parties, indicates estimated by other people, so their business affairs and prosper. If in the dream a misfortune occurs during the marriage ceremony, it indicates that soon there will be no disease or perhaps death within the family. When a young, unwed dreams that is the bride in a marriage, but not happy with it, indicates very close frustrations in love relationships (if any) or disease or adversaries and hypocrites who try to harm him as revenge for the conduct of the person who dreamed it. (This dream suggests that the dreamer proceeded wrong in something, hurting someone, and during sleep your subconscious is doing know.) Blow present at the wedding of others suggests that parties and joys approach, especially during sleep colors, ornaments and colorful clothes are abundant | but if there is no bright colors and guests wear dark or black clothes, then it indicates that in the immediate future the dreamer will suffer sorrows and hardships. Dreamed as a legal witness in a marriage he implies that enjoy true estimate of friendships and society. During a marriage dream that something unpleasant happens hints that the dreamer bad times await you with unpleasant surprises or diseases. A young woman who dreams being the contracting girlfriend in a marriage, but is indifferent to the ceremony and everything that is happening, suggests that by nature is a depressed person or is at risk of a dangerous disease. It may also indicate that their conduct in daily life leads to harmful gossip….


Dreamed in a coffin always advised revise own behavior, as the coffin announces various losses, including the death of someone close. This symbol is especially important if the dreamer is praying beside the coffin. Dream a coffin covered with flowers, especially if they are white, inside an illuminated temple, suggests that soon there will be a wedding in the family, but that marriage will fail. Dreamed lying inside a coffin, without details, it indicates long life for the dreamer. Dream of a coffin moving by itself suggests a serious illness in the family or marriage if he is married dreamer. In case you are to marry, sleep can announce impediments for the wedding. Dreamed of using a coffin as a seat inside the carriage that transported him to the cemetery announces major disorders and disease a relative or friend. Watching dreamed up a coffin to a hearse is announcement of serious problems at home, as well as frequent brawls in marriage or dating….


 -Saltar Bodes whenever you jump up, pole vault or not. Pole Vault indicates that receive help from others. When the jump is not sporty nature of the obstacles or dangers we will explained in the name of what jump. If we are forced to jump it means that we will be in a difficult situation. If we jump and do not dare to reveal our fear to commit an imprudence….


If a young woman dreams that you are leaving your home or your family, or your job or business, symbolizes that is uncomfortable in the environment in which it lives, so longs for a change. It also suggests various problems, including love life. The abandoned (a) dreamed indicates that there will be difficulties in planning a successful future, due to certain mistrust of others. Others dreamed of leaving insinuates that is facing difficult conditions and limitations to overcome. Dreamed leaving home indicates that family or money woes approach and be exposed (a) to suffer losses due to the involvement of people of bad faith. Dreamed of leaving girlfriend, boyfriend or lover it indicates that economic and various values ​​as personal affections, friendships, businesses suffer losses, etc. Dreamed of leaving the spouse suggests that surprise news such as an inheritance will be received, although this does not always mean having money or wealth, they may also be inherited debts or liabilities. If what is left is the religion that professes himself indicates disloyalty (a) for which there will be suffering and remorse for having insulted the faith of others who may be in a position to exert revenge. Dreamed of leaving children indicates that there will be setbacks and losses due to lack of serenity in judging matters are being handled and make decisions without meditate. Dreamed of abandoning the businesses themselves indicates that calamities and problems that can lead to lawsuits approaching misery. Dreaming a family member or friend on board an abandoned ship anchored indicates that complications in business or social relations approach. In the event that the person on the boat escape any way and finally reach the mainland, it indicates that despite the problems that arise, go free, and if there are losses, they will not be significant. Dreamed abandoned somewhere or unknown location indicates that moral punishment for ingratitude or resentments, grudges will be presented, etc….


Dreaming of your hands represents your relationship with the people in your life and how they relate to the world. Hands are a form of communication between people. In dreams the left hand symbolizes your goodness and feminine qualities and the right hand symbolizes masculine attributes. Laa dream taking someone’s hand represents your union with this person. To dream that has very large hands indicates that it will succeed and achieve its objectives. To dream that your hands are stained with blood means that you feel guilty about something in real life. To dream that you wash your hands in a dream represents that there is a matter that concerns in your life that you must face it. On the other hand it indicates that you are removing some responsibility off….


See who is left-handed in a dream, if it is not actually portends that receive aid and protection in your decisions….


Dreamed of eating at a table without tablecloth it indicates that craves complete independence in managing her life, which will soon achieve no matter what may affect other people (partners or relatives, for example). Dreamed preparing the dining table for guests and visitors are expected indicates that it has no good friendships and prosperity in their affairs or business, thanks to its good relations. Dreaming someone standing or sitting at a dining table indicates that he wishes to obtain favors for indiscretions. Blowing at a table cleaning junk and leftovers indicates that their prosperity and tranquility will soon become failures and sorrows. Before blowing an old table without tackle, it indicates risk of loss, poverty and various troubles, and even worse if they do not appear to view the remains of food. Dreaming impaired dining table, especially if broken, it indicates that the business and affairs are not going well and that every day will be worse if they are not attended to in time. To dream that a dining table moves by itself indicates that its business and affairs are not going well, so you must make fundamental changes. To dream that a table either alone strikes the ground or wood creaks indicates that part of the dreamer no considerations to their relatives or friends, which endangers the success of its business and affairs with serious economic problems….


To dream that someone rescued from a dangerous situation suggests that an aspect of himself feels a little left….


Dream with your own eyes represents knowledge, intellectual understanding and recognition. You may reach some thoughts on which so far has not been aware of. In dreams the left eye symbolizes the moon and the sun right eye. To dream that has something in your eye represents potential obstacles in your life. Soloamente dream that has one eye indicates he will not accept another point of view. To dream that suffers wounded in your eye or can not open them means that they will not recognize the truth….

Cliff – abyss

Dreaming enormous depth, abyss or precipice is always a warning of nearby hazards. The best thing you can do after one of these dreams is to stay alert, watchful | but always serene, waiting for what the dream has wanted to announce. Usually these dreams, when premonitory, they soon reveal more than two weeks. Dreamed at the edge of a precipice or abyss usually warning that some enemies try to hurt him. Dream depths or depths also it suggests that the dreamer is in an altered mental state, such depressed once, and if left untreated could suffer serious psychological shock or panic almost any reason. The following interpretations are for the case that the dreamer, male or female, enjoy reasonably good health and that is not affected by serious concerns: Dreaming falling off a cliff is ad has neglected something and that it can be easy victim of fraud or suffer serious illnesses. Warns of danger of accidents, run over by vehicles, it surprises attacks such as assaults. When a woman dreams of looking at the bottom of a cliff may mean that is worrying too much about herself and her affairs, which actually can be very trivial and in this case the gap is the counterpart. If to be looking down at depth, it can mean trouble soon suffer and feel disappointed in certain friends or lovers. If instead of falling surrounding the hole or leaves, it may mean that will be well rid of all the worries, which eventually will seem absurd. When a man dreams of looking at the bottom of a cliff may mean that you are thinking about taking something that does not belong and that I lose face for the rest of his life. It is a dream of warning….


Dreamed with foreboding suggests that it is restless (a) and waiting for something important that supposedly serve to satisfy their desires. It may be love, business or work projects. According to a feeling cause for joy or sadness appears announces distaste for failure. Usually the feeling in dreams is warning that something is afoot around to harm (a). This dream usually happens in companies of any type and then reach dreams because the affected already suspected in real life. This dream, in some cases, is a memory of old wrongs suffered and which left deep resentment….


 See us lefties in dreams if we are not in reality portends that receive aid and protection in their decisions. Doctor conservation of their possessions, discretion and sanity will be your best allies, if not will be involved in rivalries and conflicts….


This dream usually implies that exists in the dreamer yearning to travel, to change the routine in which he lives (take a vacation, change of address or employment, find other businesses in even other affections and love. The odds that the longing make short-term dependent on the symbols displayed on the dream itself | for example: If in the dream that the train or bus or car in which he was traveling left planted the dreamer, indicates that it is unlikely to make soon the trip or change we want, perhaps because he failed to seize the opportunity that is before presented and postponed the date. If in the dream that addresses the vehicle, indicates that it is unlikely to travel or make the change longs soon. If traveling aboard a moving vehicle and watch the scenery slips, suggests that the odds are now very close and that no changes should be made as scheduled. If you are traveling on a boat or plane, your chances relate to very long trips, for example abroad….


Dream a left handed person, especially if the dreamer is not, it may indicate that aid and protection efforts and decisions made will be received. It may also be indicative of a new emotional feeling which their reality soon be known….


 If you leave us abandoned = If leaves us powerful people or our / a lover indicates the possibility of freeing their domain. If we let our mother have trouble materials. If he is the father indicates our unwillingness to realize our projects. When it comes to our spouse it shows that problems are occurring materially for our cause. If it is you who leaves someone left = What let this dream will indicate who or what is what haunts us and what we should change or what we must free ourselves. In all other cases there will always be problems and difficulties. In any case, there are dreams in which our unconscious tells us that something is wrong inside us without responding to any external suffering, then we will go to the doctor who will clarify if we are sick without knowing it….


 Maybe reflect a fear of the disease. ‘Sometimes it predicts difficulties due to the wickedness of others. If we visited a nursing warns us that we must move away as soon as possible a business in which we have left wrap….


 If it’s a woman who dreams that her husband left mustache and actually does not, there are suspicions that is cheating. If we who see you with a mustache is that there is something wrong in our lives. If we dream that shave indicates that the time has come to be sincere….

Neglect, abandon

It is a fairly common and countless sleep matices.En must first distinguish ourselves from leaving us abandoned and someone or something. When the left’s self, is typically a bad dream, unless we see abandoned by powerful people, indicating the possibility of freeing their domain, which gives hope for a better life. Also when we abandons dreams or lover may mean such a release. In other cases always portends problems and dificultades.Asi if who leaves us is the mother, it will be difucultades materials, | if it is the father who lack the will to undertake and carry out what you want | if the spouse, are difñiciles material circumstances that are occurring because of our own actions. When we ourselves who give up something or someone, it means that we are living tied to principles or habits and periclitados, or maybe we live trapped by the environment, family or friends who are cutting our best possibilities. Quie abandon him in this dream we will clarify which of these causes holds us prisoners, and therefore what debmeos oliberarnos or at least significantly change. What dreams of abandonment can also be a warning that our health leaves something to be desired in some aspect, so the first thing to be done before such a dream is a medical examination that will clarify if that fails is health or our attitude to lifetime….


 These dreams arise in the crucial moments of life, when a change, whether physical, mental or spiritual should be performed. For interpretation we take into account what exists on the shore we left and one to which we want to reach, and what are the means that we have to cross….