See yams in a dream, it means memories of meetings and celebrations with family….


 If they are planted in the garden find indicates that opposition to our plans. Presages have been collected if we’re wrong. If the peeling or cutting are irritating to the eyes and we must work and strive to avoid failure….


If in the dream we are peeling onions and the smell irritates us, we think that achieving the goals ahead will involve some suffering for what we need to stand firm and hold….


Pineapples dream is a good dream, the way to be seen. If you are eating, announces successful close. If peeling a pineapple being picked or hurt hands, he suggests that to achieve the cherished successes have to go through some minor difficulties….


Potatoes dream is a good dream usually announces somewhat favorable, especially when the dreamer is eating. Dreamed peeling potatoes (potatoes) is announcing that soon achieve its objectives. Dreamed of eating potatoes (potatoes) burned it suggests that soon there will be disappointments, failures, losses, etc….