Doll, dolls

Possibility to meddle in squabbles and lawsuits minor. 67 – doll, dolls – A number of lucky doll, dream dolls – 67…


 It symbolizes intimately desired things. If we want appropriating dollars symbolizes the desire for another person of the opposite sex. -Find Dollars and be afraid to see us taking them refers to illicit relations. -Buy Something and give us back more dollars, or find dollars means it had acquired than imagined, moral, material or sentimental value. If your partner indicates that robs us exaggerate our love sacrificing things that are important. Losing dollars indicates our fear of losing something very dear….


 If we’re a girl this dream indicates loneliness and lack of communication when the dream is sad. -For A woman indicates nostalgia for childhood….


Scary dreams are often a reflection of the state of mental health of the dreamer | for example, organic disorders due to poor digestion after a heavy meal, a disease that is constantly worrying or timidity own to prevent its development to success, so the dreamer should begin by analyzing these factors before seeking another interpretation. Scary dreams usually have an interpretive indicated when they occur in the morning, waking aware that there is none of the above problems. When a woman dreams of fear because a dog is attacking indicates that some friends are betraying the or at least pretend to. Dreamed fear in any activity or business trip, indicates that face different problems and failures. This is a warning dream. Others dream possessed by fear indicates that people you trust is in trouble and that could eventually affect adversely the dreamer….

To write

Dreamed of writing a letter hints that news soon be transmitted to others. If the letter is very extensive, it will be accusations. Dreaming a writer at work, but possessed by anxiety, he suggests that this is the state in which the dreamer is….


One or more crosses dream is warning that suffering come for various reasons, not necessarily caused by the dreamer (eg natural disasters, fire, etc.). Dream to one or more persons carrying a cross, perhaps to take her to a cemetery, he suggests that soon someone will approach for help. Dream a crucifix is ​​a symbol of approaching problems that affect several people, including the dreamer. With respect dreamed kissing a crucifix he suggests that in the immediate future will be supported with resignation the problems that arise. When a woman possessed of a crucifix dream indicates that you accept calmly the life he leads, which attracts him understanding and affection of his friends….