When a woman dreams of harvesting cobs, or baby corn, indicates that soon come to the position that longs if continues to work with enthusiasm. Cobs dream is positive, it announces good times, good news and plenty of food. Dreamed in a field corn field and seeing how it has germinated, ie, the green plants and rise above the ground, indicating firm hope that what you are doing in daily life will produce good results at a not very long term. Instead, seeing wilted plants indicates bad news. Dreamed of shaking the reeds they already have ears suggests that the dreamer is too eager to see the results of their work, which is not good. This dream is a prevention against exaggerated impatience. Starting dreamed floor maize plants indicates that it is applying a wrong criterion and work in their affairs, which will produce bad results. Cutting dreamed cobs directly from the reeds and field announces success in the very near future. Dreamed removing the leaves to the ears indicates that you are on the right track to achieve success. To dream that others defoliate cobs hints that have or will soon have a social or family relationship with important and successful people. A farmer who dream in a corn before the harvest, but in which beautiful ears abound, indicates good year in the field and good harvests. In city people and business, this same dream indicates favorable business and prosperity in the near future. Young people who dream of a field of ears, they announced a pleasing future. When wilted pods are little grown or destroyed for some reason in a dream, it indicates losses, illnesses and in some cases real disaster. Dreamed shelling corn cobs for hints that what you are doing in daily life is wrong and soon suffer the consequences. Dreamed eating stewed tender or ears indicates satisfaction and self-confidence, which will give back good results….


 The first thing to do with this dream is disposed question of fear of seeing a movie or information that leads us to this fear. If it does not refer to a real insecurity or fear of something that concerns us. If dreams of fear are very common, it would be advisable to consult a specialist as it may reflect nerve imbalances that certainly can be treated properly….


 It symbolizes communication as a passive organ of hearing. It also symbolizes the feminine and dependence. The ears often refer to women who share the life of the dreamer or who they belong to the dream ears. If the dream well formed and beautiful predict happiness. Badly formed, misfortunes. If our ears whistle is to be feared that grumble of us. If we try to cover our dreams ears with a hat, with the hair or any other garment reveals the fear that their sexual desires or their dependence on another person are discovered….

Rear-view mirror

 This dream may reflect the same thing as we are, that as we would be, or give us a distorted picture of reality. If the mere sight of the mirror gives us uneasiness reveals our fear of ourselves as we fear being. If the reflected image is better than the reality revealed in us self-indulgence and narcissism. If the image is unpleasant it is the same dream that reveals our fear. If the mirror appears broken or breaks have to wait some misfortune. The same thing happens if instead reflect ourselves reflected someone else. If we see the mirror without fear or unpleasant feeling = * If fogged or dirty portends misfortune minor. * If you are clean and bright means that the evil that we feared in real life will not occur….


Having it indicates that you must have more confidence in itself and its values ​​to face life. Cause fear, a sign of unpleasant news and penalties. 91 – fear – A lucky number of sleep Fear – 91…


If we whistle the ears in the dream it is manifesting fear or intuition of gossip and criticism of our actions. If we are covering our ears we symbolizes not want to recognize our emotional dependency on another person or situation. Some authors consider placing pending seeing in our ears or someone else, the dream speaks of possible marriage or sentimental alliance….


Dreamed suffering in an earthquake or earthquake usually means that the issues are being handled seriously at risk of losses from causes beyond the dreamer and somewhat uncontrollable way. Earthquakes are a reflection of the imbalance of life. Portend insecurity and fear and indicate that we must transform our character to reach levels of stability, as the basis on which we founded our illusions are not solid, and any contingency, however small it may be, it will cause our whole life is wobbling. If sleep is associated with unpleasant sensations, it is an indication that it is going through a period of dejection and sadness. This dream also marks a sudden change in our situation caused by events we did not expect, this change is usually to less favorable circumstances in which suffer emotional and financial loss. The earthquake is also a dream that announces misfortunes, illness and death….


…See evidence that you are a shy person, sometimes unsociable and likes solitude. Being attacked by a bear, a sign that will have serious problems. 24 – Bear – A lucky number sleeping bear – 24…

Tremor, earthquake

Danger, economic loss, failures and misfortunes lawsuits. 56 – earthquake, earthquake – A lucky number tremor, sleep earthquake – 56…


Scary dreams are often a reflection of the state of mental health of the dreamer | for example, organic disorders due to poor digestion after a heavy meal, a disease that is constantly worrying or timidity own to prevent its development to success, so the dreamer should begin by analyzing these factors before seeking another interpretation. Scary dreams usually have an interpretive indicated when they occur in the morning, waking aware that there is none of the above problems. When a woman dreams of fear because a dog is attacking indicates that some friends are betraying the or at least pretend to. Dreamed fear in any activity or business trip, indicates that face different problems and failures. This is a warning dream. Others dream possessed by fear indicates that people you trust is in trouble and that could eventually affect adversely the dreamer….


When a woman dreams of looking earrings without touching them, and the more valuable and beautiful best, indicates that a job or have important business in the future. If you dream that you are using and wearing, it indicates a serious risk of loss of prestige among friends, even if the dreamer does not give reasons for this. This same dream in a married woman announces problems at home, with spouse or family, particularly his. A woman who dreams of beautiful earrings of another woman who is looking, indicates that someone close is at risk of falling into various problems, including legal, that somehow affect the dreamer. A woman or a man who dreams broken earrings, indicates that you are at risk of falling into trouble, even legal, perhaps because of his recklessness….


unfounded gossip, slander, family squabbles. Wiping the ears means loyal and sincere friendships. 33 – ear – A lucky number sleep ear – 33…


…Eating green or sour pears indicates separation, divorce or separation from family. Ripe pears portend unusual joys and pleasures. 18 – Pear – A lucky number of sleep pear – 18…


 If we tear clothes suffer the reputation of the person to which they belong. If we tear augurs documents or forgetfulness and forgiveness of faults committed papers….


Symbolically the earth speaks of motherhood and fertility, but this message does not have to be taken literally, but taking into account what the earth mother assumed that sustains us and nourishes. For example, dream of a rich and fruitful land may be harbinger of fertility in the economic sense. If we are plowing the dream we may be signaling the need to work hard on an issue we have in mind. Harvest it would indicate that success will come soon, and if we see in our sleep prevented from working the land, you can understand that the issue that concerns us is not right for us. Some authors also indicate that the land can symbolize our unconscious, the figure of a loved one….


(See SHOE) 72 – FOOTWEAR – A lucky number sleep footwear – 72…


Sign of sophistication and vanity. It is time that rvise its treatment of the people around you. 88 – earrings – A lucky number sleep earrings – 88…


Dreaming of a bear indicates victory over your enemies. The bear represents contests and competitions of all kinds….


See a pear in a dream symbolizes the womb and fertility. The dream may also refer a woman in your life. See a tree with pears represents new opportunities….

Nuclear bomb

Dreaming of a nuclear bomb suggests feelings of helplessness, being threatened and loss of control. You can taste great hostility and anger to the point of being destructive. Alternatively indicates a desire to wipe out some aspect of himself. It may also mean that something crucial and precious to you is going to end and major changes will come soon….


Make one, strong obligations and commitments. tense situations. Disease. Penalties for love. 85 – swear – A lucky number swearing dream – 85…

pear tree

 If we dream laden with fruit symbolizes material abundance and spiritual fruitfulness. If it is dry for lack of water or pears falls is an indication that we are neglecting our material, emotional or spiritual matters. -See Flowers fresh and beautiful pear it bodes well. If the flowers are wilting or dropping may presage disease….


 It symbolizes the maternal and deep. So peaceful and familiar. -To Dream with a rich, green and sunny land portends wealth, peace and both psychic and physical balance. -Ararla Is to prepare future wealth. -Cosecharla, Wealth will be immediate. No power work it reveals that we have exhausted our reserves and physical or spiritual capacities. -Soñarnos Lying face down on the ground reveals the possessiveness. -Hallarnos Lost in a vast expanse of land on which we are gradually reveals belittle the danger of the disintegration of our personality, perhaps by too much solitude. -Eat Earth symbolizes the sacrifice to the vulgarity of life to achieve what it exists valuable and eternal….

Nuclear bomb

Dream of a nuclear bomb suggests helplessness, feelings of threat and loss of control. You can feel great hostility and anger to the point of being destructive. On the other hand it can mean the desire to externalize certain aspect of your penalty. It may also indicate that something crucial and precious is over and that there were significant changes around them….


 -To Dream with past years indicates nostalgia. With announces new projects coming years. -To Dream with the new year portends a change in your life….

Year new

New Year dream means prosperity and hope. It is a new beginning. In a new spiritual level, it is suggesting clarification or finding a new understanding found…

New year

Dreaming parties or meetings or new year eve hints and even usually announces important successes in the immediate future, giving back gains and joys….


Dreaming human ears suggests that there are people who are watching and listening to the dreamer to obtain illegal benefits….


When cultivated land is bearing good fruit appears in dreams, always means prosperity and happiness, on the other hand, if the ground looks abandoned is always a sign of failure and disappointment. If the dreamer own or are covered with earth during sleep, it means they will have to suffer humiliation and economic losses….


 Be more cautious in the use of their money….