The house symbolizes the physical body of the person | therefore, depending on the conditions that the house appears, so you feel physically. When the dreamer sees his own home in this time and looks beautiful and cheerful, joy indicates success in business affairs and are driving. When they appear foster homes, particularly children and new (newly built), in the dream indicates tranquility and a pleasant home life and work. When they are small, old and neglected houses in the dream indicates that it is in process, a deterioration in health and business, work, etc., will go from bad to worse if they are not given immediate and effective attention. To dream that leaves the house itself indicates that there is an internal concern about venturing into new activities in search of fortune. Dream that is visiting the old home of the time of childhood or when a lot of youth indicates that receive good and welcome news. Entering into this house indicates great satisfaction with the success achieved in its activities. When the old home appears abandoned, neglected and half-destroyed indicates that the dreamer will suffer painful disease if not treated in time. It may also indicate illness and even death of a relative or very close friendship. When the dreamer is a very young woman, she indicates deep sadness because they lose a dear friend. Dreamed with the intention of moving house indicates the desire for a change of life, maybe it will occur soon. Depending on the conditions in which the house appears, this change will be good or bad (to prosperity or deterioration in both health and economic terms)….


Dreamed inside a lighthouse and watching the sea suggests that the opportunities have been looking approach. Dream a lighthouse, especially if the dreamer is marine, it indicates prosperity and pleasant journey. Who was sick dream a lighthouse, it indicates that soon begin to regain their health. Dream a lighthouse lost sight due to a storm it indicates it will have many problems before achieving success. Dream a lighthouse on sea during a storm suggests that the problems and pains by is happening soon disappear and then come success. Dream a lighthouse on calm water surrounded suggests a prosperous future….


happy events that will fill you with joy. 92 – Lighthouse – A lucky number sleep lighthouse – 92…


…Dreaming of one or more means lack of control in the economy; material losses, incidentals. 13 – slaughterhouse – A lucky number sleep slaughterhouse – 13…


Since the interpretation of dreams as omens, dream of a lighthouse on indicates that we will soon find the solution or expected help but dream of a lighthouse off will indicate that not yet out of our concern is….


 It symbolizes our being and our personality. The external facade symbolizes the dreamer and the interior of the house is the intimate life. -The Dining room and kitchen represent food and digestion. -The Bedroom, rest and sex. -The Bathroom, physical and moral cleanliness. -The Upper floors represent the head and mind. -The Hold the subconscious. The doors represent access to our soul. An old, dilapidated house symbolizes an antiquated condition of life and thought. -A Floor or ceiling that sink symbolizes the collapse of the ideals and principles themselves….


To dream that has a house in a dream means that your goals are well defined and are on track, also it indicates that family life is full of satisfactions. Dream of building a house means that the promises will be carried out shortly….


See a warehouse in a dream represents stored energy or hidden resources. It also refers to memory and performing your ambitions. To see an empty warehouse, it indicates that they have exhausted domestic remedies. You need time to renew your energy and get resources….

Dry cleaning/laundry

If you dream that suits themselves are sent or clothes to the dry cleaners for cleaning or dyeing, means that it should be more responsible in the way they act and proceed with friendships, lest they see us as vain and inconsequential, if that and they do not….


See who is in a slaughterhouse suggests that one aspect needs to commit itself to continue some business….


 Announces success in a different destination than you know….


…Have one, your goals are well defined; satisfaction at the family level. Build, promises made soon. 27 – home – lucky number dream home – 27…

House of beasts

To dream that is in a menagerie means problems and concerns….


To dream that a store is inadvertently may indicate accident. To dream that goes into a store usually means finding better health….


 Good prospects, comfort….


 If we are in difficulties and we dream portends a beacon on our problems will end soon. If we dream off indicates that still enough to finish our difficulties….


 Seeking protection from the dangers in their environment….


 If we see it full of animals is a happy omen of success. If empty indicates pain, sorrows and worries….


It contemplates a dream that simply suggests building high ambitions, but not always fulfilled the commitments, which would entail various problems. Dream a building in detail noting that it is beautiful, he hints that he is acting well in relation to what you are doing. Dream of an old building in the destruction process itself implies carelessness, negligence in their affairs | therefore, it is best to check whether it is aware of its debts and commitments. To dream that has an elegant house, like a real building, it indicates that soon there will be significant favorable changes in its business that may force him to change his home. Dream big and stately buildings surrounded by green and flowery gardens indicates a long and pleasant life, with fun and travel. Dreamed of building a building or a house implies changes in the affairs themselves. If it is a building, the changes are important, and if a house be small. Dream many houses of any size, old and destroyed, it indicates deterioration of one’s health and risk for a disease that somehow affect your whole family. It is also an indication that there will be material losses of importance….


Open windows dream suggests that you are spying suspicion, which will cause various problems. Dreamed of entering a house through the window warns you will be surprised (a) to commit an act of disloyalty. Often also predicts that we will live disputes and litigation will be resolved against us. If during sleep we are opening a window, it bodes well that tells us we can only expect success in our efforts, joy and peace of mind. If we closed, penalties and bad luck in the dream are to be expected. The windows decorated with flowers representing family peace and harmony in the home. If sleep, we are cleaning windows, it is a sign that we will receive help from people who did not expect, what will make us overcome bad situations we did not know how to overcome. Overall, the windows say we are well established in our professional lives and we are respected and considered it….


 Water in the language of dreams is very significant, symbolizes life, feelings, ie, the inner life of people. When the water is clear and clean announces such a long and happy life as our feelings = * The mineral water symbolizes convalescence, health improvement. Physical and spiritual health * Holy water. If the water is dirty or stagnant forecast evils and misfortunes of moral character usually = * If water comes bitter, cloudy or yellowish predicts disease. * Tainted live with rabies in the body. * Hedionda, ill-gotten goods. * Estancada, loss of freedom. * Blackish unhappy marriage. -Receive Water in a container indicates health. -Receive Without drinking water and store indicates greed. If we bring water to another home receiving money actually we are selling our honesty and purity. ‘If we uncollected shows piety and religiosity. -The Rainwater abundant harvest forecast unless soak the earth and disappear quickly, then indicates loss of property and humiliations. If fall leaks in a house without it raining announced mourning in this house. If a leak is just what it says are suffering and danger for the dreamer. If the water, no matter their origin, runs through the house is a bad omen. If we see the walls well water indicates mourning relatives or friends. -See A water flow inside a property of the dreamer announces great material prosperity accompanied by good feelings. -Walk On water tells us that we are going through a dangerous period. If we sink we run grave danger. -See Much water stirred by strong waves portends penalties reflect clearly indicates that we will achieve wealth and if we reflect most beautiful of what we are in reality find love in others. -Drink Cold water and hot portends health disease. -Bañarse In cold water bodes incomprehension. Happiness warm and very hot separation or divorce….


 It symbolizes the separation between two worlds, between two stages of life. Portends that we are approaching a crucial point of our life in which change the orientation of our desires and ambitions. -Detenernos On the threshold of a house or temple if reach cross indicates the desire to adhere to the rules and the people who govern and live there but we have not yet decided to do so. -Detenernos Under the threshold or equal to cross ourselves under the protection of the master of the house or temple….


Dreamed sick when in reality it is not is a warning from the beginning of disease which, although not serious, yes alter their activities. Also he warns that it could have serious difficulties with relatives or close friends. A young woman who dreams sick suggests that in reality is concerned that fears remain single. Dreaming disease, and worse if they appear in an epidemic way indicates that he is falling in particular mental disorders. If this is confirmed in real life, you should consult a doctor immediately. Ill always dreamed indicates that the issues themselves are not going well and that will continue to worsen, and this usually also refer to health. Dream to your friends or loved ones sick suggests that your family or friends are likely to suffer a misfortune that affect the dreamer. Dream disease on anyone and form and worse if the patient is the dreamer, he announces complicated problems in your life, so you should review all matters before acting, without neglecting their health. To dream that a nurse staying at the house of the dreamer suggests that diseases and other problems, for example the visit of unpleasant people approach. To dream that a nurse leaves the house the dreamer suggests that all is well, including health. A young woman who dreams as a nurse suggests that enjoys broad estimate of friends….


When a woman dreams that manages a guest house indicates that likes to gossip, which will cause problems. When in sleep one guest flee without paying, it is warning that their problems will be mainly men. If, however, your guests will pay for services, then it’s announcement that their business or emotional issues improve. Dreamed in a guest house suggests that disgust lives on site or current environment, businesses are being managed or employment, and therefore longs for a life change….

Fence, paling

View our dreams for a hedge or living fence of bushes or shrubs usually it means that we will present small obstacles, and that if we put effort into it, we can successfully overcome. If you dream that the hedge is around the house itself, usually has the meaning of being received protection in all our efforts and actions, it is to remember that the house usually symbolizes the same dreamer and the hedge, in this case, It represents that protection….


This dream is almost always an indicator that important events that will make our lives suffer a big change that we adapt approach. If you are close to crossing the threshold of a house in the dream, you should take into consideration the type of person who is going to find there, the characteristics of the house and the entire atmosphere in it to give proper meaning sleep….


Dream of a quiet, bright, green and flowery countryside insinuates that is at peace with himself and spirit, thanks to its advantageous condition in not only sentimental affairs, but also materials and health. Dreaming the countryside, with vast and distant horizons is a symbol of great desire for freedom and desire to travel. This dream is common in people who live in big cities and feel the need to breathe pure oxygen and receive the rays of the sun away from the crowds that oppress them. Dreamed in a country house or somewhere nice little town hints that live at ease in the city, so looking for a definite change or at least an extended vacation in a quiet place. To dream that the countryside around the house or the village is in ruins announcement that will have to continue living in the city, and also have problems in the affairs or business you are driving….


 It symbolizes purity. To dream of swallows is an excellent harbinger of peace and happiness albeit with slight longing and melancholy. If nest in our house is even better omen and extended to all members of the household. -See Reach a swallow foreshadows news of loved ones. -Verla From the march indicates briefly a member of the family….


His house, bad omen, danger, illness or death. A commercial establishment, economic losses. Burn any part of your body, infornutio signal and inability to engage in work. That a piece of furniture or part of your house burns down, portends affray and family conflicts. That burns a building, big problems ahead. Burning simmering, instability in their relationships. 75 – burn – A lucky number of burning dream – 75…


 -Download An object in our house indicates a comfortable financial position, cash winnings. In-house predicts that other people will help and comfort to people in your circle….