Dreaming siblings or other family member is usually a good sleep, it indicates love, depending a lot on how you see them in dreams | in any case love exists. Dreaming healthy and happy brothers themselves suggests that reigns the same state in the dreamer and their families with a promising future in between. If instead the relatives appear poor, sad, sick, etc., that it can happen to the dreamer….


Dream many large containers filled with milk indicates a good run and good business, beneficial partnerships, etc., all in the immediate future. But if the recipients have little milk, and worse if they are empty, it indicates the opposite. Dreamed loading a container with milk indicates that the dreamer works serving others and who is not comfortable, why aspiring to something better. Drinking milk dreamed is a favorable dream that announces abundance in the home, leisure and good business and social relationships. Milk dreamed negotiating with hints that soon improve their business. Throwing down milk dreamed warns that opportunities are being wasted again not present. Milk broken dream announces that serious problems are coming. Dreamed trying to get hints drink milk without being at risk of material losses or friends. Bathing in milk dreamed indicates desire for amusement, pleasures, luxuries, etc. This dream is more common among women who spend hardship and want to live in abundance. Milking a cow dreamed or any other animal insinuates that you will soon be presented good opportunities that should not be missed. If being milked milk falls outside the bucket it indicates that doubt take those opportunities. Sour milk dream indicates own discomfort, restlessness, fear of getting sick. When you dream you are taking it with other foods, especially if they are sea it indicates that fears that require you to perform unpleasant tasks, therefore indicates intimate dream rebellion against something that does not happen. Dreamed in a dairy and milk in sight is a good sign that hints coming successes in what is being done and happiness in the home and family….


A child dream child (if you have one) usually announce that danger, but when he is young, indicates intimate pride for having given him life. If sleep your child receives honors or awards, then it indicates own satisfaction and happiness. If the child appears in disgrace or sick in the dream, it indicates that the dreamer will have serious problems….


When a woman dreams that her husband abandons her without explanation, hints that approach him serious trouble but then come the reconciliation. A woman who dreams that the jealous husband unjustly accused of infidelity, indicates that the dreamer has been indiscreet and insinuating in his dealings with other men. A woman who dreams of her dead husband, hints that will soon have problems with his family. A woman who dreams her husband gaunt with sickly appearance, warns that he or his family actually is prone to a disease. When a woman dreams a cheerful, festive husband, it indicates that all is well at home and that projected or desired realization is feasible. A woman who dreams that her husband is unfaithful, hints that he actually crooked paths, causing problems at home. A woman who dreams her husband at a party, is the announcement of problems. A woman who dreams that her husband is killed because of another woman, indicates that you are at risk of divorce or have significant losses….


Banquet dream is a good sign, especially when it develops in a healthy and joyful time, this dream implies that important people will encourage and help selflessly or bad intentions. Dreamed of eating at a banquet expensive delicacies and fine wines is success announcement in the near future | therefore, it is an appropriate time to do business, this dream indicates that the long-cherished wish finally be made in case of pleasure or entertainment, will be ephemeral and without leaving traces pleasant. Dreamed in a messy feast, with several empty seats diners and sickening face, it indicates that it is not the right time to undertake new or complicated time business or other activities, as there is risk of failure for lack of support….


The dreamer will take a moral or physical pain of short duration, if the dreamer who buy it may mean that fall sick, if the dreamer who sells means happy omen….


Any dream a bed with nothing special in it usually indicates not satisfied sexual desire. Dream clearly a clean bed, preferably if it is white, hints inner peace and tranquility of the dreamer | however, if it is a dirty, messy and worse bed even if you have dark colors or black, announces disease either in the dreamer or people close to him. A young woman who manages a bed hints that longs to appear in your life a lover or soon will enjoy a nice job. Dreamed of lying on a bed in an unfamiliar room he insinuates that soon receive the visit of friends. Dreamed of sleeping in a bed outdoors he hints that soon receive significant opportunities to improve their lives. A sick person lying on a bed dream is warning that, if not take the proper precautions, soon their woes will worsen risking his life. Dream to see an acquaintance and pale, emaciated and lying on a bed, suggests that soon unpleasant facts occur among his friends that somehow affect the dreamer, such as family illnesses that threaten to cause misfortunes. Dreamed bedwetting at night close announces problems either disease or unforeseen bad business. When a woman dreams to one or more of their children who wet the bed at night hints that lives in a constant state of nervousness, restlessness and uncertainty for several reasons….


Dreaming healthy pigs and fat suggests that there will be good business, but without exaggerations. Dreaming skinny and sick pigs is a bad ad that will run in the affairs or business being handled. This dream a woman announces various problems, whether at home or with family or friends. Dream pork but not touching or eating it, is a sign that their problems will be solved soon and everything will return to normal. Listening dreamed grunting of pigs suggests that bad news about absent friends will be received, as well as a failure on their projects. Dreamed stroking a pig hints that want to get a fortune in a short time, but you have to work hard to achieve it. Eating pork dreamed announces the presence of serious problems, including health….


Dreamed when getting dark hints that there is dissatisfaction and even despair with what has already been achieved. If in the dream are shining stars in the sky, especially when the day and declines, indicates that you are disappointed and depressed despite the smiles future, or showing skepticism in his own ability to win. Young lovers who dream of walking when the day dies suggests that one of the two soon get sick and die could happen….


Dreamed in Eden is a chimerical dream and hope. Dreamed in Eden, the Garden of Eden, it indicates that you are or want to be surrounded by sincere and willing to help friends. It is a dream that reveals confidence in the future no matter what difficulties have to go. A married woman who dreams of an Eden indicates that trust the husband and their children grow up healthy, smart, etc., and reach high levels in society. An Eden dream when you are sick in bed or in very bad economic or other conditions indicates confidence that better times….


Dreamed chatting amiably with a doctor is a good sign, because it indicates that at the moment is in good health and there are prosperous business in sight. A young woman visiting a doctor dream is a sign that their romantic relationships go astray. Dreamed of visiting a doctor because they feel sick (a) hints that sonante or any of your family requires immediate medical attention. Dreamed operated on by a doctor announces various risks in your life. If blood is not seen in the dream, the risks are minor and can be controlled | but if you see flowing blood, then the losses will be substantial and imminent….


Dream a bird nest empty affairs and suggests that businesses themselves are not going well and that currently is not possible to improve. Dream a nest with eggs it suggests that the business and affairs own promise good dividends in the short term, but should not take from the rooftops, but wait patiently. Dreaming newborn baby birds in their nest and suggests that the dreamer will make a trip as a result of successes that lead to prosperity. It may also mean that the family will soon increase. Dream cast into adult birds nest with sickly looking announces the dreamer coming setbacks and perhaps material losses, or at least deterioration of their health or that of a family member. If birds are black, it can mean mourning. To dream that clearly is a swallow’s nest warns that you should not leave out or dominate by memories. Dream a nest of snakes is clear warning that the enemies seek the opportunity to harm you and who friends say could betray him. Dreaming rude welcome news announced pigeon and wish-fulfillment….

Bride and groom

A woman of any age who dream wedding dress without getting married, may mean that soon receive abuse and bad news, either family or friends highly appreciated. A young woman dressed as a bride dreaming and kissing some people, there is no indication that there will be wedding, but simply that in the future will have many friends and entertainment. When are friends who kiss the dreamer, it may mean that the groom, and after marriage, receive significant economic benefits. A young, unwed that dream wedding dress, happy and ready to get married, she doing it all your wedding preparations, may mean that soon receive substantial economic benefits and other. A young, unwed that dream as a bride, ready to get married but feeling uncomfortable, may mean that you will soon present unpleasant situations in their love and family relationships. When a woman next to marry dream that feels repulsed by the man who will be her husband, it may mean that soon there will be problems after marriage. This dream is a warning. Those who dream of kissing a bride in a marriage that looks sick or uncomfortable, can mean that the dreamer or soon see their interests affected and lose friends. The man who dream of leaving the bride being already married, can mean that you are losing human values ​​of various kinds that can no longer recover in real life, such as friends or family. The man who dreams groom dress ready to get married, can mean very soon have problems in your life, which can be from disease, at work or in business….


see rice grains in your dream, symbolizes success, prosperity, luck, fertility and warm friendships. To dream that you are eating rice, denotes happiness and tranquility at home. To dream that you are cooking rice means new responsibilities will bring you much joy. See rice mixed with dirt in your dream, signifies sickness and separation from friends….


Sonar with a firearm is sickness and death. Be injured with a weapon dagger-is a sign of envy, jealousy and dislikes. Having a gun in your hand is a sign that you need material things to feel fully satisfied. View or to hold a weapon in your dream, it indicates a need to defend and protect themselves emotionally and / or physically. You are experiencing some conflict in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream may also indicate a desire to hurt someone or hiding something. your dream provides a safe place to express these desires asylum. Others are rich dream, suggests that you have to look and draw the help of those around you….


Walking on a boat in calm waters indicates that receive very welcome news, money and will have a lucky streak. If the waters are choppy means sickness, death and sadness. If the ship sinks is that your plans will collapse completely….


Sick dream that means your character is weak and lacks ambition in life….


…Health problems, sickness, sadness and decay. 23 – colico – A lucky number colico sleep – 23…

Wake, trail, stele, contrail, track

To dream that you attend a wake in a dream symbolizes your need to sicken a group of people. It can also mean a hidden problems with your partner….

Chess or checkers

To dream that you are playing chess or checkers is a sign that will have to make every effort and take all your cunning and finesse to solve the problems that plague much right now. If, in the dream, know your opponents, you should be very cautious and careful in your comments, as they can cause a very serious problem. If the person you dreamed is unknown, it means you can get sick….


The belly represents motherhood and tenderness. When we see our healthy and thick in dreams, it indicates that we have been able to learn from past situations and others for our own benefit. Often also it means very prosperous times ahead. If the weak and sick belly appears in dreams it is harbinger of despair and misery….

Ironing Board

Ironing clothes dreamed indicates that family and social relations are good, so business will continue to thrive. When a woman dreams ironing and burning hands, he suggests he is jealous and can get sick. If you burn the clothes in the dream, then suggests that suspect or know of the existence of a rival. If the iron is cold, then the problem will go without consequences….


Turkeys dream suggests that business will be good soon. Dream them ready for the market is important earnings announcement, but if sick, weak or dead appear, then it indicates the opposite. Dreamed of eating turkey in some kind of stew is announcement of an upcoming party where joy reign. Turkeys flying dream insinuates that is on the way to ascend to a better economic and social position | but if they shoot to kill, then he insinuates unscrupulousness and greed of wealth that may not be easily achieved. Dream a peacock discover precisely the attitude and the dreamer behavior, ie, which dominates the vanity and does not think much at work or self overcome, but only in luxury, glitz, fun, etc., which in the youth may be tolerable, but not in adulthood. When a woman dreams owns a peacock, it is warning that his conduct is reprehensible and annoying for serious men, reason why some will look only for fun….


Snakes or snakes dream is not only unpleasant, but usually harbinger of problems caused by lies, deceit, betrayal and sex, depending on how they dream. To dream that a snake attacks and becomes entangled in the body of the dreamer can mean being the victim of intrigues and soon suffer attacks of enemies, all of which can end up in prison for the dreamer (many of these problems are their own fault). To dream that a snake is hit in the head and kills him, it may mean that the problems have overcome and triumph over enemies or their own and close relatives diseases. To dream that a snake attacks a seemingly asleep and it jumps person gets up to then both disappear from the scene, can mean that the dreamer will soon receive an unpleasant news of a very sick person at risk of death, which will cause losses and discomfort. Dream about a snake that wraps itself or fleeing may mean problems or enemies decide to withdraw temporarily, but is sure to strike back. Dream about a snake that moves smoothly, gracefully and without threat of attack, usually a sign of unfulfilled sexual desire, which requires an examination of their own relationships with the opposite sex. When a woman dreams to one or more snakes it means that soon disappointments and suffer various problems. If the snake attacks, the meaning worsens. If he manages to escape the problems will be less. One or more snakes dream is always a bad dream that announces betrayal, slander, depression, despair, etc. Snakes dream that fall on others hints that complicated situations that somehow affect the dreamer will be presented. Dreamed of killing a serpent insinuates that has already resorted to all means to avoid the disaster itself. If the dream does kill the snake, it is a symbol of success against nearby enemies both visible and hidden. Walking dreamed about snakes that are moving on the ground is a sign that will live in fear of attack or disease. A dead snake dream means that after fights, insults, etc., all will end in rancor and hatred unsolvable. Dreamed of driving without attacking snakes suggests that the dreamer will be a victim of unpleasant but inconsequential banter. A young woman who dreams snakes or other reptiles hints that will have various problems. If bitten by a snake, it may mean that your romantic rival has a chance to succeed. If sleep is coiled snake appears next signal mishaps and illnesses. In general, snakes dreams are a sign of treacheries and betrayals. If we kill her during sleep, we can get rid of all dangers….


Dreamed sick of coughing may mean that your overall health is bad. To dream that other people cough strongly suggests that we are living in a social situation unpleasant which you want to get away. Overall, coughing in dreams is usually a sign of uncertainty and anguish for unattractive future. They could various signals that indicate upcoming threats that could take you by surprise appear….


Blindfolded dreamed suggests that, due to negligence or other similar cause, it is hurting someone. This dream seems to be more common in women than in men, in which case it is love that may be illegal. If you are sick, the dream means fear of losing their sight. When the band appears over your eyes suffering from a disease means speedy recovery and progress. If you do not want to see ourselves immersed in pain and suffering, we must be very cautious and pay attention to everything around us. If we bandages, sleep suggests good changes in our lives after a time of worries and sorrows. Also augurs healing of our or someone close disease. If we are putting bandages to another, it means that we will be bearers of consolation for someone who is in dire need of it. Bad omen is that in the dream, bands appear bloody and usually indicate depression and cruelty. If you are a fan of gambling, it’s time to be prudent and not spend more than necessary….


View during sleep udders, whether cow or other domestic mammals, is a sign of abundance and prosperity, depending on the state of the same, if the udders have a sickly appearance or were exhausted mean lack of work and money….


Sickly desires and lust. 1 – strawberries – A lucky number sleep strawberries – 1…