A young person who dreams the moon, insinuates that is living his age or romantic era, various illusions, including love. Overall, dreaming moon usually warn that it is acting too slowly and neglect in their own affairs which lead to failures. In some cases, the moon dream indicates that they are not addressing everyday problems due to ignorance of the same, why not understood, leading to mistakes and failures. Superstitious people who dream the moon generally interpret distance someone is doing them hexes. This interpretation is only a consequence of the mentality superstition itself and perhaps the fear of the dark. Dream it full moon in a calm sky announces successful planned will have when working with determination. Dream honeymoon a so opaque clouds is due to slight announcement difficulties, particularly sentimental, at home or in society. Dream moon in eclipse announces diseases, perhaps epidemic. When a woman dreams while two moons, suggests that soon break relations with her lover because you will find that there is a rival. A woman who dreams of a red moon, as if he were bloodied, indicates that her lover will lose as a result of war, fight or accident….