Dream a cat announces bad luck if you do not kill | but if you sleep kills or does flee, then it indicates success in matters being handled and the enemies are. Dreamed attacked by a cat suggests that the enemies will soon face seriously damaging both their reputation and their economic values. To dream that gets in the way a dirty and famished cat hints for the immediate future grief and illness in the family. To dream that you see or hear a cat scratching the door warns that the enemies are trying to harm the dreamer. If the cat rubs against her legs, she insinuates that is surrounded by hypocrisy. When a woman dreams of loading and petting a cat, he suggests that someone is bad advice about their emotional issues. Dreamed chased by a cat or yellow paint suggests that the dreamer meddle in intrigues and embarrassments that hurt. Dream a cat and a snake on friendly relations is the worst of dreams and omens, and the best we can do is watch carefully around to find out what it is. It is said that this dream in some cases indicates industrial or political or military espionage. The cat is a female symbol, both for its natural way of being and because it is a spoiled little animal of many women | therefore, when a man dreams cats he suggests the presence of women in the sexual sense. A woman who dreams of one or more white and beautiful cats is warning that there is alien and selfish interests that try to harm it, but she can end the intrigues. If cats sleep are ugly, weak, and worse if they are black, indicating that the risks are much higher. In general, cats dream symbolizes various problems in the near future. The problems will always be greater and more serious if a cat fighting with a snake or other poisonous animal in the dream….


Dream the heads of other people, especially if it comes to important people, soon it insinuates that the dreamer improve their social relationships. Dreaming the head itself, particularly feeling discomfort indicates that in daily life suffer from stress and perhaps changes in blood pressure, or who is experiencing serious concerns. Washing dreamed head soon indicates that some important people appreciate their work giving it the importance it really has. Dreaming a human head severed from his body indicates that the business and affairs themselves are bad, which will produce various difficulties. Dreamed with two heads hints that soon you will receive an unexpected success in their affairs, but will not be permanent. Dreaming a swollen, misshapen head, he hints that he is living in mediocrity, with inconsequential ups and downs. Dreaming head of cheerful children, he suggests that matters are going well and will soon reach the success. Dreaming one or more animal heads insinuates that is thinking only of immediate material benefits and pleasures without any projection into the future or to something higher….


 It symbolizes the woman, almost always under a sensual and instinctive appearance. If in a dream we have the fear of being scratched reveals the fear that our perversion becomes known. -To Dream that a cat makes us cuddles means that a woman will use all its beguiling for us as can wiles. If we flee the cat cuddles makes us indicates that not achieve their selfish desires. -To Feed the cat indicates problems and amorous rivalries. If we spider, marital infidelity or fights between lovers. -See A cat or hear their meows portends betrayals and deceptions. If the cat is black traitor be a false friend. If it’s black it is perfidy of woman and loving all kinds of problems….


Beheading means your ideas, projects, dreams can not come at short time; large head indicates health and abundance; small head start of illness and impairment in the economy; separated from the rest of the body it represents mismatch between their thinking and their way of acting; if you have any ailment in the head it is a sign of adversities. 68 – head – a lucky number of sleepy head – 68…


 Or elevation symbolizes the transition from a lower to a higher state. If it’s a caterpillar becomes a butterfly always portends satisfaction, favorable changes and elevation. If the caterpillar appears in any corrupt thing it indicates hidden corruption….


See a cat in a dream means secrets and deceptions. To dream that a cat attacked him in a dream represents your enemies. If I won this fight means that in real life overcome great obstacles and achieve fortune and fame….


…Hypocrisy, falsehood and bad friends, as they are two-sided. 16 – cat – a lucky number sleep cat – 16…


The head usually symbolizes the soul and intelligence. If we are in sleep with their heads cut off, loss of a position, either from the social or sentimental perspective portends….


 The head symbolizes the soul and intelligence. If we are with the severed head loss portends a position to take another better….


Traditionally the head in dreams symbolizes intelligence. And although it seems otherwise, many authors agree that if we are in the dream with cut or disembodied head must interpret it as a harbinger of comfort in affliction or clarification in confusion, because the dream is telling us that we will find a new perspective to focus on the conflict situation….


 It symbolizes the soul and intelligence. If we see with the severed head loss portends a position to take another better. -Vernos With larger head, increased assets. -More Small losses. If we dream we ugly indicates concern for the opinions of others….


Overall it is a symbol of sensitivity and intuition, but traditionally used to interpret dreams with a black cat as a sign of bad luck or infidelity, if it is white, weakness of character or lack of decision. Good luck if honey and if brindle, namely strength to fend for yourself….

It headstone

Traumas originate in childhood and which have not yet been overcome. 49 – lapida – A lucky number sleep headstone – 49…

It headstone

Dreaming a headstone indicates some traumas caused in childhood and which have not yet been overcome….


 Among various alternatives you will have to choose the courts….


Although on the one hand symbolizes destruction and breakdown, also it shows the wishes of transformation or clarify concepts. Other authors interpret it as alarm instinct…


 Numerous setbacks disrupt their way of life….


 They represent a violent way. The context of the dream clarify whether the predicted change will be for better or for worse….


 It means the end of a moral dependence or materials unless we are kneeling before him, in which case portends penalties….


Although on the one hand symbolizes destruction and breakdown, also it shows the wishes of transformation or clarify concepts. Other authors interpret it as alarm instinct….


 It indicates that the dreamer acts consistently and according to the moral and received education….


 They represent a violent way. The context of the dream clarify whether the predicted change will be for better or for worse….


 Its solutions provoke the ridicule of their rivals….


 It will go through difficult times but will provide help and protection….


 It indicates that someone unpleasant facts remind us of the past….


 The events will take place according to the atmosphere that reigns in the barracks….

Get ahead

 It indicates that the dreamer has excessive ambitions….


 Change in status, progress and promotion….

Cylinder head

 -See The butt of a gun announced oppositions and rivalries. -Tenerla, Authority to defend their interests….


Dreamed attacked by a panther, tiger, lion or other similar feline suggests that the future is very uncertain, posing serious risks. Dreamed of killing one of these cats suggests that, despite the difficulties that arise, will ultimately triumph. These caged cats dream it may mean that the intrigues of the enemies will not succeed. Dreaming to these cats in their natural habitat, but fleeing suggests that own affairs improved through effort and attention. Dreaming skin of some of these cats suggests ingratitude of people who somehow favored. Dream of a black panther is always danger warning of obstacles and difficulties, particularly in the affective, as disagreements in marriage. Usually it announces further problems at work. Dreamed of killing a black panther, or at least dominating, it is a symbol of triumph over adversity. To dream that threatens a panther symbolizes that the enemies try to harm the dreamer. The simple roar in a dream is announcement of bad motivated by disloyalty someone news. It is always ominous dream of a tiger, it is often a warning that a powerful enemy, who had long not seen, will appear again….