Rivers in dreams symbolize the slide of life to be. When a woman dreams of swimming or simply bathing in clean, transparent and glides water, it can mean that you feel pleased with herself, enjoying good health and sincere love of a man and the sympathy of several people, which could give social prestige. Dream any stream of clean, clear water, it is announcing new opportunities, perhaps at work, in business or in love. Pipe dream or a stream, or any other stream of dirty, muddy, stinking water, announces various diseases and illnesses that are being developed in the dreamer. In some cases they may be bad people trying to harm you. Dream a river of clear water is announcement peaceful, quiet and successful life that promises a nice future. Dream a turbulent river and dirty or muddy waters means the opposite. Dreamed of sailing on a river of calm waters in some places and fast in others, it is announcement of ups and downs in matters being handled, or social or emotional life. Dream a dry river is a negative sign which means failure in what is planned, diseases, etc….


To see water in a dream symbolizes the state of the unconscious and emotional mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also a symbol of spirituality, knowledge, healing and relief. Dreaming of boiling water indicates some emotional turmoil. It can also mean that feelings of unconscious are emerging to be recognized. See calm water clear, in a dream, it means that is consistent with your spirituality. Denotes serenity, peace of mind and rejuvenation. See muddy or dirty water in a dream indicates that it does not accept change your negative emotions. You may need to spend some time to clear your mind and find inner peace. It also suggests that this confusing. If you are immersed in muddy water, it indicates that it is immersed in a situation that overwhelms. To dream that your house is carrying water means struggles and overwhelming emotions. Hear running water in a dream denotes meditate and reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Dream of the rough seas or rough waters means misfortune, anger and many afflictions. Dreaming of calm and crystal clear waters is a sign that enjoys great peace of mind and your health is in very good condition. If a place where water is scarce appears in your dream it means you are going through a difficult and uncertain time. Dream stagnant, muddy and swampy water is a sign of illness or impending death. If you dream that throws or pours water is a sign that suffer loss or theft. Dream of walking on water is a sign that will be successful in companies intending to start. It also suggests that it has supreme and ultimate control over your emotions. It may also suggest that you must control your emotions. also symbolizes faith in himself. If, in the dream, jump a river or a stream of water is a sign that you are trying to get rid of certain situations that plague him. Dreaming drinking cold water means good events and joys approach. Dreaming drinking hot water means you will get upset and very bad news….


The dirty, stagnant water, even if current, indicates evil, corruption, larceny. Dreaming clean, clear water in any form, it is always good omen of joy, zest for life, prosperity, tranquility etc. When dirty water dreams, in whatever form it appears and worse if muddy, suggests poor health or unpleasant events, undesirable and hypocritical friends. Dreaming clean, fresh water that falls on the face or head of the dreamer, it is announced that the illusions of love are going well. When the water is clear, clean and seems still or perhaps with gentle undulations and reflecting the sky, is a reflection of the cosmic, it is quiet meditation. Dreamed of playing with clean water or walking on it announces that there will soon be pleasing illusions, which is more indicative if ornamental plants and aquatic flowers appear. Fresh and exquisite dreamed drinking water is the forthcoming announcement of their wishes and desires. Dreaming a beautiful waterfall or a beautiful fountain that spreads the water, portends that soon the dreamer receive a wide and deserved reward for their efforts, and there will be health. When this water appears in some places in hectic stream, portends honors, social successes, etc., particularly when it operates in an appropriate medium such as the intellectual. Dreamed carrying clean water for domestic use hints that his business prosper and will soon reach new goals with success. Dreaming happy people, who spend bringing clean water for domestic use, it suggests that its affairs are on track and will soon yield significant gains that allow you to enjoy amusements, rides and other benefits have been wanting. Dreaming dirty water, mud is supposed pestilent and move appears worse if a storm is announced risks, dangers, griefs | in short, it is about a slump in everything you are doing. If that dirty water floods your home, it symbolizes the dreamer is surrounded by more or less hidden enemies that will try to harm. If the dreamer is trying to get this water, but whose level is still growing, mounting him by the feet, indicating diseases, very near ruin, personal misfortunes and family. In reality, this dream is a warning to be more careful in their activities at work, business or social life. Dreamed sinking in dirty water or drinking it indicates that you are falling into serious mistakes and soon begin to suffer the natural consequences. It will be worse if dreams drowning in the dirty water….


 Water in the language of dreams is very significant, symbolizes life, feelings, ie, the inner life of people. When the water is clear and clean announces such a long and happy life as our feelings = * The mineral water symbolizes convalescence, health improvement. Physical and spiritual health * Holy water. If the water is dirty or stagnant forecast evils and misfortunes of moral character usually = * If water comes bitter, cloudy or yellowish predicts disease. * Tainted live with rabies in the body. * Hedionda, ill-gotten goods. * Estancada, loss of freedom. * Blackish unhappy marriage. -Receive Water in a container indicates health. -Receive Without drinking water and store indicates greed. If we bring water to another home receiving money actually we are selling our honesty and purity. ‘If we uncollected shows piety and religiosity. -The Rainwater abundant harvest forecast unless soak the earth and disappear quickly, then indicates loss of property and humiliations. If fall leaks in a house without it raining announced mourning in this house. If a leak is just what it says are suffering and danger for the dreamer. If the water, no matter their origin, runs through the house is a bad omen. If we see the walls well water indicates mourning relatives or friends. -See A water flow inside a property of the dreamer announces great material prosperity accompanied by good feelings. -Walk On water tells us that we are going through a dangerous period. If we sink we run grave danger. -See Much water stirred by strong waves portends penalties reflect clearly indicates that we will achieve wealth and if we reflect most beautiful of what we are in reality find love in others. -Drink Cold water and hot portends health disease. -Bañarse In cold water bodes incomprehension. Happiness warm and very hot separation or divorce….


…Dream: Rough sea or turbulent waters: It means misery, anger and sorrow. calm, clear waters: Indication that enjoys peace of mind and good health. Walking on water: a sign that will be successful in business to undertake. A place where water is scarce: If you craves means you are going through a difficult and overwhelming period. stagnant, swampy and marshy water: signs of illness or near death. Throwing or pouring water: Premonition that suffer loss or theft. Jump on a river or a stream of water: Indicates that you are trying to get rid of some situation that distresses. Drinking cold water: It means good events and joys. Drinking hot water: Signal troubles and bad news. 40 and 49 – Water – A lucky number sleep water – 40 to 49…


Dreamed of bathing in clean and transparent water is success announcement, joy fun, etc. | conversely, if the water is dirty and worse if muddy, announcement is at least diseases or bad news. Dreaming children playing with clean water is a sign of future success and happiness in the family | but if they play with dirty water indicates the opposite. A young woman bathing in clean water dream suggests that their relations or honest desires themselves are likely to be formalized and reach a successful end. Bathe involves using water, and water in dreams, since ancient times is well known meanings: The crystal clear water indicates health, happiness, joy. Turbid water indicates discomfort, dislikes, disappointments. The muddy water indicates illness, misfortune, poverty, hatred. To dream that you want a good bath can indicate first that the body is in need, but when this is not the case, then symbolize that are living hectic moments, with much nervous tension and haze and tranquility desired. Not dreamed of bathing in clean water suggests a burning desire to meet and get along with a person of the opposite sex, this dream is common in women and young widows of marriageable age. Dreamed of swimming with others, for example in a pond or pool, is warning to avoid bad company that will make slander, libel and other damages, this dream is much more indicative if the water is dirty or muddy. Dreamed of bathing in very hot water is usually a bad sign, because it could happen that the body is entering fever, or that the atmosphere surrounding the dreamer is exceptionally hot. If not any of this, then it would indicate that the dreamer is overly worried about something. Dreamed of bathing in cool, clean and clear water is a clear announcement of improved health, and if the symbol sea water is much better. Dream white flowers in a bathroom indicates a risk of developing a benign disease such as a cold, if they are yellow flowers and not in a vase, should turn precautions. If flowers are dark (purple or black), the thing is serious, and maybe the disease is already in the body and is serious. A young man who dreams of a bathroom insinuates that has natural tendency to frivolous and unsavory amusements. Bathing dreamed indicates intimate satisfaction of himself, so it can take a chance on important issues or businesses such as social relationships, business, etc….


It symbolizes the abundance of life and the world of feelings. Also creativity, sensitivity and intuition. If in our dream, clear and clean water plays an important role can be interpreted as an announcement of a period of peaceful life full of spiritual purity, if instead the water is dirty or stagnant can be a predictor of moral difficulties. Also, see a large expanse of water stirred by strong waves announces suffering. Some authors suggest the interpretation of dreams in which we are taking water, indicating that it is a sign of improved health after convalescence, and if we are receiving holy water, is always a sign of spiritual health….


 Symbolizes the collective unconscious. As the ocean presages and represents in our dreams it refers to what happens within us. If the ocean is calm it is also our life. peaceful and quiet life. If it is rough it is our inner well. Complications and problems. -Caernos In the ocean presages some misfortune from which we will be guilty. If we sink it is that we resign ourselves to what we consider inevitable. If we try to surface and keep it reflects our desire to fight with all our strength. -Navegar For frizzy ocean means we are getting carried away by a dangerous business even though we know the danger that we run….


 This dream is linked to water. If water runs tame and placid by the channel happiness accompany our love. If the channel is broken indicates that we have mistaken our feelings. If it’s too long it announces a marriage in a distant country. According to the water as we can interpret our dream = Water in the language of dreams is very significant, symbolizes life, feelings, ie, the inner life of people. When the water is clear and clean announces such a long and happy life as our feelings = * The mineral water symbolizes convalescence, health improvement. Physical and spiritual health * Holy water. If the water is dirty or stagnant forecast evils and misfortunes of moral character usually = * If water comes bitter, cloudy or yellowish predicts disease. * Tainted live with rabies in the body. * Hedionda, ill-gotten goods. * Estancada, loss of freedom. * Blackish unhappy marriage….

Water trough

Dream horses drinking at a waterhole, is a sign that a future experience joy | if the animal is an ass drinking, according to a lawsuit won, if the basin is dry, it portends a mystery or it may be a harbinger of adversities | if the trough is full of filthiness predicts the birth of a child. See a trough or trough in dreams is usually a symbol of tranquility. If you dream that you drink it, usually means loss of money, but not always substantial. If animals are drinking from it, it is a harbinger of glad tidings. If the water trough is clear, is a symbol of joy | on the contrary, the water is cloudy, indicating the arrival to the world of a family. See a wild animal dreams drinking, either a trough or elsewhere, usually it indicates that there is danger of an ambush. If it comes to a pet who drinks, it is an indication that you will receive help and comfort….


View a waterfall in a dream symbolizes the emotions that are enclosed and negative feelings. The dream may also represent your goals and desires. If the waterfall is bright, clean, crystal represents renewal and recovery forces. To dream that is at the bottom of the waterfall suggests that overwhelmed emotionally….


See an ocean in a dream represents the state of your emotions and feelings. It is indicative of some refreshment, tranquility and spiritual renewal. To dream that you are traveling across the ocean means freedom and independence found. You are showing great courage….


 It symbolizes our existence. If low gentle symbolizes wealth and prosperity. If overflows and furious devastates everything in its path portends misfortune and hunger. If the waters are crystal symbolizes purity and happiness. -Turbias And muddy portends impure feelings and causes grief. When the river flows it indicates that a current of energy and feelings also flows through us. If we just see how the river flows it reflects that we are leaving lose the energies and feelings without use of them….


Dreamed aboard a boat in calm waters hints coming successes, happy moments and satisfactions, if instead the waters are murky and choppy, choppy and threatening, indicates that soon there will be problems against which must be alert. Dream away a boat out to sea hints that there are too many illusions that the dreamer must control. To dream that a ship sailing towards a storm suggests that the dreamer is wrong in its affairs, business, work, family and soon will increase the problems due to intrigues and slander. Dream boats anchored in the harbor and stevedores loading is the announcement of personal gain, prosperity, change of life, etc. If boats are still without moving around, indicating the same in the affairs and business of the dreamer. To dream that some people shipwrecked without the dreamer can help hints that the dreamer will soon have to help someone who is in disgrace, and they are losing faith in one’s ability to correct errors. Dreamed of leaving a ship sinking and attempt to reach land by swimming, suggests a serious confusion in the dreamer concerning matters that are driving, which involves risks, but if the dream fails to reach solid ground indicates that although difficulties soon will resolve satisfactorily their affairs, business, romantic relationships, etc. To dream that other people talk about the clash between two boats or a shipwreck suggests that the issues themselves are bad because of neglect, and perhaps by the intervention of women (when the dreamer is a man) or men (in the case of women soñante). Dreamed of dying in a boat anchored in the port it indicates that damage due to intrigues and slander | but if the boat is in motion, all problems will be solved and the future will be less uncertain. Dreamed aboard a boat in a storm and hints that it is intervening in dangerous issues that end up with negative results. Dreamed in a boat sailing in calm waters is the announcement of important achievements at work, business or sentimental issues. Dreaming several large ships sailing in convoy formation or hints that soon there will be major changes in your life can also indicate news of international conflicts….

Water carrier

See a carrier of water in a dream means favorable prospects in fortune and love. To dream that you are a carrier of water expected to rise above its current position….

Water trough

Dream a watering hole is a sign of peace and rest, and if we see also in the same quench their thirst horses or other animals is an indication that we will receive good noticas, a small inheritance or donation. If the watering hole we dream empty and dry forecast minor losses. But a waterhole is not the best place to turn our shiny be, for limpid that they are its waters must not forget that has been created for animals, not for hombres.Asi, if you dream about is you drink of the watch , you are mistaking the caaino of happiness: Meditate on this and seeks other best sources that quench the thirst of your spirit or the need for love….


 -of Hectic and abundant water, success, happiness and great family atmosphere. With little water, solitude and bad luck….

Sea Ocean

Dreaming calm sea, quiet, good sleep is hinting that there will soon be traveling for pleasure or business. This dream between young lovers often suggested upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Dreamed facing the sea and listening to the sound of waves hitting against a ship, it is warning there will be problems in the family, business or employment. Dreamed to the shore watching the waves crashing is to be found nearby announcement difficulties difficult to resolve. Dreamed of listening to the ocean waves but without seeing it, insinuates that has been wasting time on trivialities. A young single mother who is dreaming or near the sea, suggests that longs for true love. just dreaming waves foam indicates demoralization due to recent frustrations or outright failures in its activities, perhaps because it has not been given due attention….


…Gentle and mighty little sign of disease cured and infrutífero work. Mighty, portends torments, misfortunes, jealousies and dangerous evils. Swim in one possibility being wrapped in gossip and lies. 40 – River – A lucky number sleep rio – 40…


See a calm clear river flowing in a dream means that your life will float forward and achieve everything you want without much effort, now is a good time to make a decision and direct your life….


See a watermelon in a dream represents the emotions of love, desire, lust, and burning passion. It also indicates pregnant women, or women on the edge of your menstrual cycle. Alternatively watermelons signify your desire to rest and relaxation summer….


…Flowers or a garden, portends wealth and health for a patient. Eve triumph and success. 30 – water – A lucky number watering dream – 30…

Lily in water

View a water lily in your dream it means sorrow, pain, and loss….

Mineral water

To dream that you are drinking mineral water denotes that has consolidated the base for a great fortune, which will provide the most important pleasures of life…


Dreaming of one or more water-carriers indicates annoyance, tiredness, fatigue, whether their own dreamer or someone close depending on context….


Symbolizes our experiences and our destiny. Therefore many authors interpret that if we lose meek by its channel indicates tranquility and little chance of unforeseen projects ahead, but if we see overflow may be a harbinger of misfortune, and a notice that tells us we will not be able to contain the force of some events in our life, and we may be harmed arrival. Some authors translate this dream in reference to sentimental sorrow….


 Indicates our desire to devote ourselves to our hobbies or complete some work we have underway….


Dreamed up a car indicates that a trip already has in mind will happen soon, but in different conditions as had been thought. Dreamed of a car down insinuates that what started out well is likely to end badly if not timely monitors the details. Dreamed of driving a car in a place or street where many people indicates success, but also envies trying to thwart what has been achieved. Dreamed of driving a car on a road where high mountains are seen in front indicates a desire to climb the ladder to reach important hierarchies, it is possible to do through hard work, perseverance and effort. The mountains are a symbol of effort. Many dream of moving cars suggests that in the immediate future will be made short trips and quickly issues that disturb the tranquility will be handled. Dreamed worried about losing their own car, but then found, indicates that these setbacks will soon. Odds and time that occur in the dream to find and retrieve the car are the same as mediate to solve their problems. Dreaming a new luxury car hints that longs to have one, though not luxurious. Also, they are coming very dear visitors, or will have to make a short trip to visit someone simply for affection and pleasure. Dreamed of driving a luxury car, especially if it is black, it insinuates disease careless health. This is actually a dream warning to avoid greater evils. Dreamed of driving a car simply it indicates that is restless (a) notwithstanding be living in nice condition. Also announced that soon there will be changes in matters being handled, in which case you should be very careful with their conduct and character, as any mistakes will bring dire consequences. Dreamed of driving a car accompanied by someone and produces an accident, he suggests that its affairs are going well and the risk of ending abruptly and run with negative results. Dreamed saved from being run over (a) by a car or hints that the dreamer must move away from situations or dubious business, light loves and rivalries of all kinds | in short, it is a warning to withdraw from anything that is not clear in the mind of the dreamer. Dreamed seeking or trying to get a luxury car indicates vaulting ambitions that could not be satisfied with the simple effort of work. I dreamed of traveling in an old and dilapidated car of any kind, it is an omen of bad luck in the immediate future (bad business, setbacks, illnesses, etc.)….


Dreaming about traveling in a submarine is usually an indication that is going to live a very delicate situation. It is a warning that to protect their own interests, it must act decisively and effectively. Generally speaking, the submarine represents or presages concerns, financial problems and unflattering family or emotional relationships….


Dream a pond with clear water bodes well. Dream a pond with water murky and still suggests that he craves is hampered and will remain so for some time. Dream a pond of dirty water, and worse if muddy, hints that his business go from bad to worse and has more enemies than friends. If water escapes the pond, you notice that someone is abusing the trust that the dreamer will have. If you are trying some business, then it indicates that you are stealing. An empty dream pond is a symbol of failures, material losses and friends, which will produce grief and anguish. Dream a half-empty pond with muddy bottom, it indicates that its affairs are falling into dirty and dangerous complications. In dreams, the water dirty, muddy and worse, are always a bad omen that serves to prevent the dreamer….