Jesus Christ

Dream it or talk, long life, ease, overcome obstacles, harmony, peace. 33 – Jesus Christ – A lucky number sleep jesus christ – 33…


There are people who because of their religious concepts rooted in Christ think both see and hear to believe both awake and in dreams. Such exaggeration naturally makes the symbol loses its true value | however, it seems that indicated in many of the dreams is simply that the dreamer has enormous anguish and yearning for peace, because it is very uncomfortable in the environment they live in, why you want a definite shift towards a quiet, comfortable and in harmony with people of their sympathy life. Obviously, in other cases the symbol can be different, but always in the sense of seeking peace | for example, people who dream unbelievers to Christ, are obviously suffering distress. In any case and for everyone, the dream Christ becomes much a prayer with which it is asking for help….


See Jesus in a dream indicates that your desires and goals will be observed and verified. Sleep can prevent will rise from any dangerous situation. Talk with Jesus means joy, happiness and welfare….


Dream a decorated Christmas tree is lighted announcement nearby joys and may announce a surprise stroke of good luck in business or money. Dream a Christmas tree without ornaments or lights, she suggests that soon there will be unpleasant and unfortunate incidents after enjoying welfare, prosperity and joy….


A dream about Christmas symbolizes family togetherness and celebrations. It also represents new initiatives and events….


 Sign of joy and happiness, peace in the heart and soul, though, if we look at the cross announces sadness and suffering….


See the Nativity in a dream indicates that it has made a startling discovery about your abilities. Christmas also notes the importance of spiritual enlightenment and inner strength compared with material wealth….

Glory sky

Dreamed of rising to glory, ie to heaven, to contact deities reveals vanity and exaggerated ambitions that will result in failure and sadness. If the dreamer is young, this dream implies that successes unconscionable want and everything will end in disappointment. Dreamed in glory next to Christ or some deity is a symbol of future losses on friends and generally in their social life. This dream is a critical to raise awareness about social relations auto….


Dream of attending a christening indicates to renew your good intentions. Success in business you want to undertake….