It contemplates a dream that simply suggests building high ambitions, but not always fulfilled the commitments, which would entail various problems. Dream a building in detail noting that it is beautiful, he hints that he is acting well in relation to what you are doing. Dream of an old building in the destruction process itself implies carelessness, negligence in their affairs | therefore, it is best to check whether it is aware of its debts and commitments. To dream that has an elegant house, like a real building, it indicates that soon there will be significant favorable changes in its business that may force him to change his home. Dream big and stately buildings surrounded by green and flowery gardens indicates a long and pleasant life, with fun and travel. Dreamed of building a building or a house implies changes in the affairs themselves. If it is a building, the changes are important, and if a house be small. Dream many houses of any size, old and destroyed, it indicates deterioration of one’s health and risk for a disease that somehow affect your whole family. It is also an indication that there will be material losses of importance….

Building, building

 As is built the building will be our future in real life. If the construction is solid and broad is that feel the need to expand our lives and interests. If the buildings are small, our company will be more modest but always better than now. If it falls or is in poor condition we build we review our plans….


Dreaming about a building that is inhabited means your major goals are to be made. If building is uninhabited indicates that going to have frustrations, deceptions and lies. To dream that building is constructed means that you will spend penalties but eventually reach success….


Inhabited, its major goals the can perform. Uninhabited, frustrations, deceptions and lies. That is being built, hard labor and sorrow, but the fine craved success. 4 – building – A lucky number of dream building – 4…

Bard, fence

Dreamed of climbing or jumping a fence or near any kind indicates success in what you are doing, which will give good profits. Dreamed trying to jump a fence or fence and finally falls to the ground, indicating that fail in their plans or projects, due to lack of capacity. Dreamed of sitting on a wall or fence or palisade, in the company of others and the wall collapses above all, he hints that a family member or friend is prone to a serious accident. Dreamed of eating on a fence or near insinuates that the dreamer is not using the appropriate means to succeed. Dreamed of tearing down a fence or close and then move to the other side it insinuates that has enough energy and ability to achieve the desired success. Dreamed of building a fence or near insinuates that you want to have what it takes to live comfortably in the future. A young woman who sleep above implies that yearns to be a happy home, but if you take that building will collapse, in which case indicates that your wishes will not be made in the immediate future. Dream of a wooden fence, it is sure sign of money. If the gate is forecast to iron obstacles that you have to save your correct behavior you will be presented….


Dreamed jumping for no apparent reason it may mean that you have enough energy, capacity and enthusiasm to succeed in what is undertaken and thus achieve prosperity and a comfortable life. Jumping dreamed objects with a degree of difficulty implies that you have the ability to triumph over the problems arising | but if the jump falls to the ground, indicating risks. Dreamed of jumping from a height you can mean lost if you risk too much on what you are driving. When a woman dreams of jumping from a height or a difficult obstacle, it may mean that prevail in what is proposed….


Jumping dream means you are willing to risk in real life to achieve your. It represents a decisive capacity to help you succeed. To dream that will make a jump, but is unable to do so indicates that is afraid of uncertainty. To dream that you are jumping on an object means to achieve your desires and goals after some efforts. Dreaming jumping over a rope means that too manisesta your emotions to friends. Dreaming with children jumping on a rope means is selfish and arrogant….


Dreamed front of a wall that prevents you keep walking suggests that will have serious difficulties in matters that are driving and that will require a lot of work to avoid failures. Dreamed of jumping a wall or wall suggests that, through intense effort, the dreamer overcome their problems. Breaking dreamed of a wall to continue their way suggests that easily dominate their problems and succeed in their activities. Dreamed totally collapsing a wall, partition or suggest that their problems will be solved soon and eliminated their enemies or competitors wall. Dreamed of building a wall or partition wall announces that it will succeed in their projects and plans….


See a wall in a dream means obstacles and limitations. There is a barrier that hinders progress. You are too accustomed to your old habits and ways of thinking. Dreaming jumping over a wall suggests a strong will overcome obstacles to succeed. Dreaming demolishing a wall indicates that it will break barriers and overcome some limitations. See a wall crumbles easily indicates that raises problems and overcome your barriers. Dream of building a wall represents a bad relationship. On the other hand indicates that it will accept its limitations dream that is hidden behind a wall suggests that it has embarrassed by relations. To dream that you are throwing through a wall indicates some means to break barriers and constraints….


Dreamed on the highest roof or part of a building, from where you can observe an airport with a plane rises, it indicates the desire for a change of life, residence or employment or business, and eventually some of that You will get through the intervention of foreigners. Dreamed of watching from afar the top of a building indicates that for the moment are not likely to succeed in what you want or covets, whether business, work or love. Dreamed on a roof suggests aspirations of self-improvement, to stand in the middle where you live, with a good chance of getting it. Dreamed in a frightened (a) that is in fear of height and roof falling, he suggests that he thinks will fail in their attempts to overcome. To dream that a roof collapses’s announcement of calamities in the home, family or business. Dreamed repairing a roof is success announcement nearby….

Tightrope walker

Dreamed as a tightrope walking on a tightrope is a symbol that soon there will be fluctuations in matters being handled, but ultimately triumph. Dreaming others trudging on a rope suggests that the dreamer will result benefited from others’ mistakes. Dreamed of jumping rope to how boxers suggests that the dreamer like the extravagant and sensational, no matter the risks….


If in the dream we are jumping up will be a good omen that we can improve our situation, either in our own strength or with some aid to come represented in the dream by the support they give us momentum for the jump. But if the jump is down or circumventing a pit, ect … and feel fear, it can be interpreted as our fear of facing a difficulty that will soon occur, so it is important to note that as just jump in sleep….


If during sleep, the dreamer himself is jumping a wall is usually a sign that their convictions are firm and should not be discouraged by obstacles that come up to achieve the desired purpose….


Distant dream monkeys usually refers to distant relatives or friends who are in a difficult moral situation and soon will ask for advice or help. Dreaming little monkeys, fidgeting nervously, climbing trees, suggests that there are hypocrites enmities near the proposed dreamer hurt or at least annoy him. Dreaming monkeys nearby, shouting and moving, jumping, heralds upcoming disappointments because of gossip and intrigue by obviously hypocrites and envious friends. Quiet and indifferent dream monkeys indicates that the dreamer suffers a growing depression. Monkeys dream catching something, they take it running and then eat it, it is clear warning that the dreamer may be the victim of a robbery. Dreaming monkeys looking attentive to the dreamer, is like looking in a mirror and suggests that the dreamer does not have enough self-awareness (inferiority complex), which is causing problems. This dream is a warning that should be reevaluated and self made….


Often it involves feelings of insecurity, guilt or fear reflected in the dizzying sense when falling. If we interpret the dream as an omen, a fall from a low height means unprotected, falling from a house or building, escape from the family, and drop a push, the possibility of accidents….


Similarly you can interpret dreams in which religious buildings appear, but in this case they reveal is the existence of doubts or intellectual, moral, or spiritual concerns. How important sleep is our attitude to the abbey, which reflect the intensity and motivation of these inquietudes.Así, for example, if we go to the abbey, but without entering it, it means that our inquitudes are not yet well defined, nor on track, but is an indication that we already envision where we should direct them. but if we are also praying at the abbey there is no doubt that the concern will soon become certainty and happiness….


His house, bad omen, danger, illness or death. A commercial establishment, economic losses. Burn any part of your body, infornutio signal and inability to engage in work. That a piece of furniture or part of your house burns down, portends affray and family conflicts. That burns a building, big problems ahead. Burning simmering, instability in their relationships. 75 – burn – A lucky number of burning dream – 75…


 If the objects it contains are not there usually it reveals difficulties of any kind. If this is the building of the stock market indicates that your business will be compromised by random decisions….


Often it involves feelings of insecurity, guilt or fear reflected in the dizzying sense when falling. If we interpret the dream as an omen, a fall from a low height means unprotected, falling from a house or building, flight of the family, and drop a push, the possibility of accidents….


 As is built the skyscraper will be our future in real life. If the construction is solid and broad is that feel the need to expand our lives and interests. If the buildings are small, our company will be more modest but always better than now. If it falls or is in poor condition we build we review our plans….


A building, or it appears you try to be a different person from their “” true. A church, false repentance, lie and deception. 43 – facade – A lucky number facade sleep – 43…


 Beautiful building and looking carefully indicates that their aspirations will materialize unexpectedly….


 Depending on the work will be our future in real life. If the construction is solid and broad is that feel the need to expand our lives and interests. If the buildings are small, our company will be more modest but always better than now. If it falls or is in poor condition we build we review our plans….


 Beautiful building and looking carefully indicates that their aspirations oncretarán unexpectedly….


 If refers to a comet (astro) portends great calamities. If it’s a kite (toy) and flies well augur a favorable situation. If broken indicates that we have concerns about something we can not solve. If he’s on the floor it bodes ill health. If we are building warns us that we do not risk speculation….


To dream that the person you love is beautiful, although in reality it is not, it indicates true and lasting love. Dreaming of beauty is always a good sleep that indicates spiritual and mental tranquility and therefore peace and harmony with others. A woman dream beautiful children indicates that it is able to give genuine, sincere and honest love, which is reciprocated. Dreaming beautiful things, no matter what it is (flowers, meadows, buildings, artworks) insinuates that has the sympathy of many people….


Dream a stunning fire or fire of something itself indicates risk of loss, and worse if the accident victims but if there are none and the dreamer is seen only as a spectator, then it indicates that the enemies or competitors are losing their chance to beat him . Dream a nice or bright fire, Smokeless ie, insinuates that is at peace with itself, which will give ample opportunities for success in life. Handling fire without burning dreamed announces major successes. Dream a place where there was fire it indicates grudges, revenge, resentment toward other people and soñante them to the dreamer. Dream a major fire at a time when it is preparing a trip, it indicates that the trip will be successful and enjoyable. For a person linked to intellectual milieu honors and indicates future success. Dream a nice fire announces the visit of sincere friendships or simple but pleasant surprises. Dream that one’s home is on fire indicates love. A business person who dreams that her business is on fire, but without the dreamer suffers burns, indicates intense activity and good profits in business or employment. If the dreamer is fighting the fire with water and other means insinuates that will pass concerns, frustrations and hard work before reaching the victory. Dreaming the ruins of a building owned by the dreamer after a fire announced various problems and bad luck, despite the apparent prosperity in which we live. This is a warning dream. Fire Dreaming is good omen in most cases, depending on your indicated how dreams. If you see the dream without burning, it is a good symbol, it indicates success in life, but if it burns is warning of failures and problems….

Hiding place

Dreamed preparing or building a hiding to save some hints that feared enemies or failures, why he decides to hide. If in the dream finished constructing the hideout and keep something in it, indicates that triumph over adversity. Looking anxiously dreamed a hiding place suggests that the dreamer knows guilty of something wrong….


Dreaming hide beetles is announcement of poverty or poor health, particularly in the family. To dream that a beetle is up to the body is warning that serious problems particularly health approach. Dreamed of killing a beetle is a sign of self-restraint on the problems that may arise. Dreaming beetles climbing over the wall of a beautiful building or temple symbolizes prosperity….


Every altar usually symbolizes repentance, contrition, need to sacrifice, and it is assumed that this is the spirit that acts | therefore, the dreamed before an altar, with or without a priest present indicates a certain self-reproach that will serve to review the conduct itself to ease their conscience. Dreaming an altar, with or without a priest officiating, it is a warning to the effect that the conduct of the dreamer is not as good as it should, so it is committing serious errors. Dreamed of building an altar announces joys, successes and benefits in business, employment or social relations. Dreamed of destroying an altar portends failures, pains, diseases, etc. Altar dream that a partial or completely destroyed for any reason is observed, indicating that the dreamer has or will soon have reason to suffer sadness, nostalgia, memories, all motivated by something that was never to return. Dreaming an altar before which a marriage is performed indicates reasons for sadness with friendships that will affect the dreamer. In some cases usually indicates the death of an elderly person. A dream officiating before an altar indicates that difficult situations, whether in employment, business or home, and soon will go through moments of anguish will be presented priest….

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