Unripe peaches dreamed cutting is a symptom of decay, various pains and sorrows, particularly memories of old times and and missing persons. Green dream that peaches are cut and eat them hints illness in the family and other problems. To dream that the tree itself eats one of ripe and juicy peaches indicates joy of living, reasonable profits in business or work that will result in peace, harmony and home health. To dream that only peaches are on the tree announces diseases of relatives or discomfort by having to handle business matters or unpleasant prevent you enjoy rides and amusements. When peaches are in the tree with a lot of foliage indicates that, with effort, you will achieve your goals. Dreaming peaches in the beginning of its growth in the tree indicates that the achievement of its objectives is still very distant and mediate even work, problems and sadness. Dreamed of eating unripe peaches indicates that penalties approaching from ahead of events. Others dream of eating peaches indicates that some family members or friends suffer setbacks and hardships. Dreaming a person known eating peaches that are not yet mature hints that person is acting wrongly and wasting their time in trying to achieve forcedly. Dream peach or apricot trees with their beautiful and mature fruit is a good sign, although there will be some problems indicates that before reaching the desired success. Dreamed tasty and ripe peaches contend indicates that the success you want is very close….


 The dream of this fish augurs better off if we disrupt the perfidy that are woven around us….


Dreaming beautiful apples usually bodes well. See apples among green foliage, but close at hand and ready to eat, it’s next long-awaited announcement successes. Dreamed of cutting the tree and eating apples it indicates that both craved what is about to be made. By contrast, dream apples on top of a tree and therefore beyond the reach of hands indicates that your goals will still take to complete, so in the meantime, you must work hard. Dreaming apples on the ground, and worse if they are unripe or rotten, it indicates that what he craved no longer likely to realization and therefore must think and work on other plans or projects. In some dreams of this type it indicates losses, either through their own fault or by the intervention of enemies or competitors | this dream also indicates decay and depression….


Lemons dream resentfully envy indicates the dreamer against others. This indicated is more definitive when unripe lemons on a tree appear not owned by the dreamer. Dreamed sucking a lemon hints that the dreamer feels humiliated for a cause that may well be unjustified. In married people, dreaming that somehow suggests lemons involved immature rifts likely to worsen. This same between boyfriends usually indicates breaking of relationships….


If we see someone in a dream suffering from an abscess means we have, or will have, emotional problems with another person, whether or not try that with which we have dreamed. The degree of maturation in to see the abscess will indicate the next evolution of such problems. If the abscess is hard and unripe, it is that the problem has not reached the peak, whereas if already mature – or better still open – this emotional problem is about to leave afloat and definitely fix it. If we who suffer the abscess we indicate the existence of a problem or an unfortunate period in our life, which according to its state of maturity, will be in the beginning, ending or coming to an end….


Dreamed of eating any kind of fruit is usually an unfavorable dream especially when the fruit is still green. Dreaming unripe fruit on the tree announces a prosperous future. Dream small green fruit on the tree it suggests that require great efforts to finally achieve their goals. A dream woman eating green fruit, hints that is falling into disrepute because of slander and gossip. Dreamed of buying or selling fruit is a symbol of productive business. If the fruit is still green, he hints that his affairs go wrong and require time for you reditúen profits….


Unripe figs dream indicates poor health. Eating delicious figs dreamed announced successes nearby. Figs dream still on the tree in principle announced good business growth in the immediate future. A young woman who has the same dream announces an advantageous marriage….


Dreamed of a fig tree indicates abundance in many ways, especially with regard to food. Dream a beautiful green forest is a good omen, and whether plentiful or few colors white birds is much better because it indicates successful close in matters being handled. But if dark or black birds abound it indicates that someone envies the good fortune of the dreamer. Dreamed admiring the beautiful foliage of a forest indicates deep satisfaction and appreciation for what has been achieved in life, which is like giving thanks to God, but in this case directly with the soul and without expressing empty words. Among artists or intellectuals dream of a beautiful forest indicates additional to those already received awards. Dreaming one green, leafy tree and flowering indicates health and wellness. But if the tree appears alone, with the sad, wilted or dry foliage as usually happens in winter, then insinuates that their business or businesses are not prosperous nor will in some time. Dreamed in the shade of a beautiful tree it indicates that extensive protection features (top) that should not disappoint, because eventually it will lead to success, even if it takes some time. Dreamed stuck in a tree insinuates that is achieving self-improvement, self-fulfillment both material and spiritual. Dream a tree with ripe fruit and some are already on the floor, where it chooses and eats one insinuates that receive significant benefits, including economic, such as in business, lotteries, etc. Dream a somewhat isolated tree with small and immature fruit indicates that the business and affairs of the dreamer not going well. If you start one of these fruits in the dream, it represents serious risks ahead of events. Dreamed cutting and felling a tree of any kind indicates that he is acting against their own interests, ie, that it is acting contrary to right. Dreaming trees cut and thrown on the floor suggests losses in business or relationships as well as family or personal misfortunes. Dreamed lost in a forest indicates the loss of orientation, confusion, which if not corrected will end in failure. If to be lost in a forest is treading on dry and crisp leaves, the above meaning is accentuated significantly….


To dream that crosses a garden in bloom accompanied by a loved one (girlfriend (o), spouse, mother, children) indicates that beautiful dreams and desires are, always have and they are reasonable and feasible be made. To dream that in this garden abounds ripe fruit, indicates gratification by faith in what has become a reward for the foreseeable future, with peace and happiness in the home. To dream that is in an orchard and animals arise eating the fruit fall to the ground indicates that lose in disputes and conflicts that have or are about to happen, because it claimed not belong. To dream that a ripe fruit of any kind, is caught is a sign of prosperity and various successes. An infested orchard dream indicates worms trials and tribulations of all kinds in matters being handled. To dream that is caught in an orchard outside indicates jealousy and selfishness of rivals in love or business competitors. It also implies that there is or there will be problems at home and marriage. To dream that a barren garden, ie, without fruit and with very little foliage, indicates that they are becoming scarce opportunities for success that yearns contemplated. To dream that the garden appears covered with foliage and greenery in midwinter indicates that, for the pleasures and amusements of this, is not attending or thinking about the future, which will create difficult situations to resolve. To dream that winds ravage the plants and trees in an orchard indicates that visits will have unpleasant or undesirable jobs will be imposed….


 It symbolizes the rhythm and the passing of our lives as the clock, so its meaning is the same. -see In a dream portends a stopped clock that has stopped our evolution or its owner was finished rope, it ie their lifetime. If the delayed clock warns us to accelerate our pace of work if you do not want to see ourselves overtaken by events. If delayed indicates that we should take things more calmly if you do not want to see threaten our health and our lives. If madly rotate the hands or dream you constantly look at the clock reveals our anxiety about the pace of life we ​​lead. If it works well and called our attention when pointing the dream’s meaning it depends on the context and the appointed time. For example = If we believe it’s all over for us and we see the clock ticking noon tells us that a new stage begins full of opportunities because we have a lot of life ahead….


It is the meaning of this dream often depends on the state of the upholstery as it appears in the dream, if the upholstery is in good condition or if you are in a place dedicated to this profession, it is a sign of constant satisfaction for the progress of your business and the results obtained, on the other hand, if the upholstery is dirty or is in poor condition, the meaning is usually the opposite….


Dreamed as a mountain climber or mountaineer and you climb through difficult slopes, and finally reaches the top, it means you have ample capacity to overcome the obstacles that arise and soon success will be achieved, however, if the dream fails reached the top, the meaning may be the opposite. Dreamed of climbing a ladder to reach the top indicates success in matters being handled | but if for any reason can not reach the top or if the ladder breaks indicate the opposite and the risks will be greater. To dream that falls to go up, the higher the height of the fall, the more severe setbacks and failures. Verse rising during sleep is a symbol of the will to find the right solutions for tasks that must be met. The ease with which the set target will be achieved and the difficulties encountered are so many useful information to decipher the meaning of the dream….


Often, if during sleep are signs, warnings or signs, such as traffic signals, the meaning is usually the same as the meaning in real life poster own or signal. It’s a dream warning of upcoming encounter difficulties security unless we change our own behavior. This also applies to other signals, such as indications given by someone, such as a traffic cop….

Precious stones

 Symbolizes the transmutation of the opaque transparent, perfectly imperfect and darkness into light. It is the best symbol you can imagine the human soul. Each gemstone has its own meaning. If found strung in our dream we will look at the meaning of ” jewel ”….


Generally speaking, dream about the tarot, is a clear sign that you have many concerns about destiny, which we would like to solve. There is no prediction in most cases and is only a phone call not despair, do things right and have patience. Dreaming of a specific tarot card usually gives no indication unless the dreamer is not profane in these matters, in this case, the meaning of the letter in dreams usually the same usual meaning to that letter in a tarot reading either….


 If a solitary tower emerges from the fog, clouds or a stormy sea, indicates a process of individualization us, ripening. If the tower is solid and clearly outlined against the sky it represents the possibilities of defense and our ability to successfully overcome the ravages of life. -sometimes The tower can also be a symbol of virility, sometimes strong and others with the fear of powerlessness that manifests with the ruined tower….


It is interpreted as a symbol of sexual desire. If the plums are ripe, we will get what we want, but will suffer pains of love, if they are green. Some authors suggest that if the plums are prunes, imposed to pass some time before make known our desires….


 The apple symbolizes all the earthly pleasures, knowledge and the need to choose. If we eat a ripe and tasty apple is that we choose the enjoyment of material life. If we eat a green apple also we choose the material, although full of work and life difficulties. If he’s past life threatens us with deceptions and disappointments. If only we choose another kind of purer, more lasting, deeper and more spiritual happiness….


 It reveals the existence of sensual, economic or spiritual desire. They are a sign of abundance, prosperity and pleasure. -To Dream fruit be ripe for food means we will enjoy good health, good profits and abundant pleasures without having to make any effort. If the fruit is acidic or green is that we are not yet ready to enjoy all these benefits. If you have worms or rotted pleasures be achieved when we can no longer enjoy them. If this dream we have in the season this fruit is better the benefits will be maximum. If we have it at another time of year we can suffer scandal, breakups, diseases and problems….


Dreams that the apricot fruit is eaten usually indicate happiness, joy, pleasure, provided the fruit is ripe | when eaten fresh or dry, usually portends disappointments, failures. To dream that an apricot fruit is full of welfare states, on the other hand if this simply leaves may indicate suffering….


…Eating green or sour pears indicates separation, divorce or separation from family. Ripe pears portend unusual joys and pleasures. 18 – Pear – A lucky number of sleep pear – 18…


 It symbolizes growth, fertility and maturity. If are full and ripe it symbolizes the maximum wealth. -Vacías And dry, high poverty….


Necklaces usually somehow indicate slander and gossip women. When a woman dreams necklaces, one or more, in the hands of another person, indicates that someone is trying to impress her with nothing hypocritically honorable purposes. When a woman dreams of wearing a beautiful necklace insinuates that soon receive praise, attention and perhaps even honors | but all it surrounded by hypocrisy, as in society where that happens hardly would stand by itself, or that his attentions are directed to the gem and not the wearer. A young man who dreams necklaces hints that will have fans, but not sincere, that is simply attracted by the jewels, indicating false promises. This same dream of a single woman, and if it is ripe worse, indicates that remain single for long, no matter what I try to show off….


 If the cord hangs above symbolizes a means of ascension. If we’re hanging from a cord portends that we will soon reach a higher position. If we’re going up the line indicates our desire to move up. If we’re down or we fall we portend a decline position, the frustration of our hopes. If the string is on the floor, on furniture or in our hands is a warning about the state of our business. It has the same meaning if we acquire or receive a string….


 This dream warns us that we monitor our freedom and independence. If in a dream we recognize who puts the necklace will be that person who will come danger. If we do not recognize who puts the danger comes from ourselves, from our vanity or sensuality. If we who give you the necklace indicates we want this person as partner or sensuality. To this we can add the meaning of material that this made the collar….


 If we beat other competitors promises material benefits and personal success. If our competitor in our career is an animal means victory, but we have to see the meaning of the animal to know about that we win. If we take a person portends unforeseen events. If several people are disputes and quarrels portends. If they are armed announces insurrections, riots or wars….

Eating, food

 Reveals dissatisfaction due to mental, emotional or professional reasons. If we dream we eat something we do not like portends that we will face something unpleasant. Also the meaning is the same if we have difficulty chewing or swallowing. -Eat Accompanied reveals friendship and affinity with others. -Eat Alone, sadness and depression. If we eat natural foods and simple means that we are redeeming life experiences. If we eat sweets it means we welcome and positive emotional experiences. If the dream informs us of the price or steal candy reveals an excess of sentimentality….


 Reveals dissatisfaction due to mental, emotional or professional reasons. If we dream we eat something we do not like portends that we will face something unpleasant. Also the meaning is the same if we have difficulty chewing or swallowing. -Eat Accompanied reveals friendship and affinity with others. -Eat Alone, sadness and depression. If we eat natural foods and simple means that we are redeeming life experiences. If we eat sweets it means we welcome and positive emotional experiences. If the dream informs us of the price or steal candy reveals an excess of sentimentality….

Lame, take

 -Soñarnos Lame augurs delays, inability to get what we want. -To Dream take another person, this other person apply the above meaning….


 -The Most common meaning is sexual, especially if they are young dreamers. It also symbolizes wisdom and healing power. -See A sleeping snake it indicates that our instinctual forces are asleep. If you wake up and cause us fear glides it reveals desires of a spiritual evolution. -To Dream with a snakeskin or see it as silent indicates that a profound evolutionary change is coming. If poisonous snakes appear indicating fear it is to meet in embarrassing situations….