Dream spots on hands or clothing is warning that arise in family quarrels, anger and misunderstanding for inconsequential reasons. Dreaming others with stained hands indicates that receive accusations and unjustified insults. Washing hands dreamed provides that the dreamer wishes to join cheerful and festive groups, but does not know how. When a woman dreams of admiring his hands insinuates that want to attract the attention of a man. When a woman dreams of admiring the hands of others envy and also indicates that suffer from jealousy of a man. When a woman dreams a man’s hands pressed he suggests that risk of committing wrongdoing or illegal. A woman who dreams that other people kiss his hands, is a warning that will fall victim to intrigues against his good reputation. When a woman dreams of driving fire without burning your hands, suggests that achieved an important position in the environment in which it operates. Dreamed with his hands tied suggests the impossibility to achieve what you want | but if the dream manages to untie it indicates that efforts will win. Dreaming beautiful hands insinuates that have social successes, which foresees an improvement in matters being handled. Dream even worse ugly and deformed hands, hints coming failures that can lead to ruin. Dreaming bloodied hands a bad dream that expected sadness, diseases, etc. Dreamed with a bad hand or injury he implies that someone will take advantage of the work and effort of the dreamer. Dreaming an amputated hand suggests that a lonely life because of the self and those around him will be misunderstanding. To dream that burns hands indicates that it is about valuing their ambitions of wealth, fame or power. To dream that your hands are hairy indicates that it is not suitable for encumbrarse in your job or business | It is a complex interiority. Dreamed with very long hands indicates that soon achieve at least part of what you crave. Dreaming hands dwarfed indicates otherwise. Dreamed with dirty hands indicates envy and selfishness….


Dream white goats suggests that soon succeed in your goals and you will receive good news. Dreamed attacked by an angry goat he suggests that there are nearby enemies who seek to hurt in some way, such as theft, slander, espionage, forgery of documents, etc. Dreamed dominated by the horns to a goat or goat insinuates that is near full success in their business, as well as enemies or competitors will be defeated | but if you sleep goat or goat defeats in the struggle with the dreamer, it indicates that it should take maximum precautions regarding their enemies, they are known or not. Dream a herd of goats grazing quietly insinuates that reach achievements and economic and health benefits. When the field is barren or very poor pasture in this dream and therefore the herd is thin, suggests that poverty is about the dreamer. Dreaming black goats indicates that there will soon be suffering, sorrows, misfortunes, losses, etc. This dream is a bad omen. Dream a dead goat, and if black worse, suggests that the dreamer feels unable for many activities and who is sexually impotent mentality that naturally leads to failure in everything it undertakes. This phenomenon is usually only subconscious, that appears in dreams. A woman who dreams drinking goat milk indicates wants to marry a wealthy man, not caring neither love nor the future. A woman especially if you’re young, you dream of riding a goat suggests unfulfilled sexual desires. This dream is a warning that, if not repressed, suffer public disrepute….


Dreaming of your hands represents your relationship with the people in your life and how they relate to the world. Hands are a form of communication between people. In dreams the left hand symbolizes your goodness and feminine qualities and the right hand symbolizes masculine attributes. Laa dream taking someone’s hand represents your union with this person. To dream that has very large hands indicates that it will succeed and achieve its objectives. To dream that your hands are stained with blood means that you feel guilty about something in real life. To dream that you wash your hands in a dream represents that there is a matter that concerns in your life that you must face it. On the other hand it indicates that you are removing some responsibility off….


 Hand cut the forecast loss and disease. thick, strong hands indicate increase in the number of the family. or expansion in the circle of friends. hairy hands are a sign of small problems. If you dream of losing hands portends possibility of job loss or death of someone known. Quarreling with another hand in hand means struggle or conflict with a powerful. fresh and beautiful hands are a sign of happiness and family harmony. 55 – Hands – A lucky number sleep hands – 55…


 It symbolizes our means of action. The right hand corresponds to the rational, conscious, logical and virile. Left, irrational, illogical, unconscious and passive. big, strong and well structured Handed indicates success and progress. -small, Weak and ugly indicates recklessness, insecurity, dissatisfaction and failure. Handed white and clean, easy success. -Negras And hard, drudgery and hard success. (Unless we are black) Handed hairy, sordid imagination. Handed together, emotional stress. -Mirarse Hands, perplexity….


If we are with the beautiful, neat and clean hands, sleep will be harbinger of success in our plans. If instead the hands appear dirty, calloused or scratches, symbolizes that cost us a lot of sacrifice to achieve the objectives, and if it will be successful after much effort. Some authors also consider the right hand corresponds to the rational and logical issues, and the left hand with the unconscious and irrational….


 If they are wild goats he indicates desire for freedom. If they’re home, craving for wealth. -To Dream bodes well-fed goats wealth. If they are few and thin, poverty….


 The bicycle handlebar firmly maintained also informs us that we will hold our destiny….


 See any object having a handle promises us special protection in life….


 It symbolizes strength and brutality….


Dreaming clean handrails of any kind suggests that you have free passage into their plans and projects, with the probability of success. Dreaming dirty, broken or old railings is a warning that the people you have to negotiate oppose stubborn resistance….


 It indicates that there is a danger that we will save providentially….


 They symbolize the action, friendship and strength. -Vernos Armless threat of approaching ruin. -we Arm is missing disease….


All clock means time, and if the hands are moving, means active time, therefore suggests not death, as was thought at one time | by contrast, today is thought to suggest activity, movement, life. To dream that you see the time on a clock suggests that care should be taken against rivals already known. To dream that a watch is broken, it is threat of various losses in business or any other. To dream that falls from the hands of a clock crystal suggests enmities, false friends and own oversights that will cause losses. To dream that will steal your watch suggests danger enemies from the darkness shall prejudice the honor and tranquility of home. Self dream that flatters a clock suggests that tries to avoid difficult and uncomfortable situations and suffer attacks on their honor, dignity and reputation. To dream that you are moving clockwise suggests that something important is coming and that maybe time is being wasted instead of going in search of success. To dream that a wristwatch is, no matter what kind, suggests that it could achieve much more with more effort. It also suggests that there is a very intimate satisfaction with what has been achieved so far. Dream you see on any watch that the hands are moving closer together to get one over the other in the number l2 suggests that success is very close. When the dreamer is giving wind a watch, he suggests that all social relations will be favorable and that their interests will be favored. To dream that someone is giving you a watch suggests that they try to pass their problems….


 -Morder Someone in a dream portends that our aggression we create numerous enemies, or reveals the desire to possess and dominate the person they bite. If we are bitten it is that we feel hurt by the aggression of who bites us, or the aggressiveness of others if we do not recognize him. It can also reveal the fear of sexual assault. If we are bitten by an animal sleep reflects the fear of letting ourselves be dominated by our instincts and passions, which will be symbolized by the animal that bites us….


To dream that loses one or more keys indicates the possibility of losing your jobs. On the other hand it indicates a confusing clarification attitudes and projection of new goals. Abrie dream that a door with a key means that it will enter a new situation. If the situation is good or bad, pay attention to the context of sleep. Dream that I will open a door and enters a room in which a person of the opposite sex marriage is announced. Poseea dream that a lot of keys symbolizing a purchase of goods or knowledge proportional to the number of keys in hand. To dream that has a difficulty in making turning the key in a lock means that we will make some difficulties and obstacles in good situations. See a broken key portends trouble and problems that impede the realization of a wish….


Handkerchiefs dream, especially when dealing with young people who display means moving flirtation. Losing a tissue suggests that there will be setbacks, particularly in matters of love. Dreaming one or more broken or abused and dirty tissues suggests that conflicts in love it will be difficult to reconcile. Dreaming one or more dirty tissues or stained, it may mean that you are running the risk of entering into a partnership or inconvenient and disadvantageous relations for the dreamer. A young single mother who dream of clean white handkerchiefs may mean that someone is approaching you hypocritically for illegal profits, even in the sentimental aspect. Several bandanas dream may mean that your image might lose face if it does not act with a high sense of morality, but careful not to fall into naivety or sentimentality. Silk scarves dream suggests that a pleasant, magnetic and charismatic personality, same as projected towards those around you possess. A young woman who dreams waving goodbye or air greets a handkerchief, is announced that will soon make the journey craves, but taking the proper steps to avoid errors that frustrate its intention….


Dreamed front of a theater wanting to enter, but with many impediments or is dark, suggests that those same obstacles will be presented in matters being handled. However if it is lit up and the doors are open, the meaning is the opposite, that is next successes and joys. Dreamed of leaving a theater hints that soon suffer disappointments and sorrows. Dreamed inside a theater witnessing a performance suggests that soon receive good news in the company of family and friends. Between racks dreamed of a theater it can mean that certain confidences, perhaps unpleasant will be received. Dreamed excited inside a theater a result of the work that is being represented insinuates that are wasting energy on inconsequential pleasures. Dreamed inside a theater catches fire or other disaster happens, such as a collapse and trying to escape, suggests that it is engaging in risky business affairs and will likely cause failures and losses. Dreamed of being an actor is a play scene may mean that soon receive satisfactions and joys, though fleeting and inconsequential. It also implies that you want to be the center of attraction in the environment in which it operates, but must take care not to overdo it so as not to cause poor in others. Dreamed as a businessman (a) or administrator (a) a theater low profile suggests it is in serious risk of substantial losses as a result of own waste, which can be simply energy, or plans or related ideas matters are handled are not very clear in mind. Dreamed as an administrator (a) or manage (a) of a large theater where plays are performed serious, it may mean that if your wishes are carried out….


See a wooden spoiled, ugly in a dream it indicates feel discouraged and unemotional inside. See a wooden object nice-looking means a success but with help good people dream of forming a piece of wood indicates power and development. On the other hand wood also it symbolizes spirituality and vital energy. See timber in a dream it symbolizes prosperity and tranquility. See timber in a dream it represents life, fertility, rejuvenation, and spring. On the other hand symbolizes the unknown and unconscious. To dream that you are walking through the woods means your return to a spiritual aspect of itself, also it indicates that it is starting a new phase of your life. It is expressing some anxiety to go behind the familiar. See some dried wood in your dream suggests that there is a situation in your life that has not yet been resolved. It may also mean that this overwhelmed with problems….


Dreamed with an umbrella or parasol in hand is announcement of problems and unpleasant situations for which to prepare. Dreaming others who carry umbrellas in hand suggests that someone will approach for help. Dreamed borrowing an umbrella announces negative and unpleasant moments that orillarán him to seek help. Providing an umbrella dreamed suggests that soon receive samples of ingratitude. To dream that lost a lawsuit umbrella means someone always trusted and believed. Dream a broken, useless umbrella, it suggests that surprise will be hurt (a) in their employment, business, etc. Dreamed a pretty umbrella or umbrella during a rain is announcement of prosperity and good luck. Dreamed hiding an umbrella generally refers to illicit love affairs or business unmentionable. This dream is a self-reproach. A young woman who dreams an umbrella or parasol is a warning that, because of their suspicious behavior soon suffer vilification and rejection of friends….

Lying is

This dream usually have different meanings depending on who you dream lying down. To dream that lies with a person of the opposite sex can mean an obstacle to their designs. If sleep is sleeping with another person of the same sex may indicate contrariness. If you lie down with whom the dream is an ugly man indicates disease, if on the other hand is a handsome indicates disappointment. Go to bed with an ugly woman it means death. With a beautiful woman indicates betrayal. Lying down with your spouse absent portends bad news. If his consort indicates rejoicing. Sleep with one’s mother indicates security business. Sex with own daughter means scandal. If your sister can indicate a close trip. Sex with a prostitute portends permanent fortune….


Dreaming water tanks of any type or size, for example laundry sinks, trays or basins for washing objects, suggests that problems or new interests that somehow affect the dreamer and others come close. Dreamed washing hands and face with clean water suggests that longs relate to new issues, business, etc. Dreamed washing hands and face with dirty water insinuates that you want to have illicit and dangerous liaisons either sentimental or business. To dream that someone is washing hints that something is coming to a stage, maybe dirty, problems and will soon begin another with hopes and new grounds. Dreaming of a laundress at work implies infidelity and illicit adventures of their own or of someone close (partners, friends, family, etc.). When a woman dreams as a laundress insinuates itself infidelity to her husband, lover or people you work with. Washing clothes dreamed own hints that will require great effort before achieving what you want. Dreaming young women washing clothes next joys insinuates due to new relationships. Dreamed washing clothes in a laundry indicates that a disease that has not been properly addressed will worsen….


To dream that is mountaineer or alpinist and squeezes through difficult slopes, but it finally reaches the top, indicates that it has ample capacity to overcome obstacles that are submitted and will soon achieve success, but if you sleep fails to reach the top, the meaning is the opposite. Dreamed of climbing a ladder to reach the top indicates success in matters being handled | but if for any reason can not reach the top or if the ladder breaks indicate the opposite and the risks will be greater. Dreamed of climbing a wall or other means to enter through the window of a house indicates that you want to experiment, usually illegal, like stealing or having loving relationships dishonest dangerous adventures. Dreamed of climbing a slope indicates that you must make a greater effort to achieve their goals. The higher you get in sleep, the greater the chances of success. To dream that falls to go up, the higher the height of the fall, the more severe setbacks and failures. Blowing down a slope implies that their business will go worse each day if does not pay more attention. Dreamed of fleeing from danger by a slope suggests that the risks to be postponed and perhaps even eliminated. Blowing out, choking with the effort to climb a slope, he insinuates that is accepting more work and responsibilities necessary or appropriate to achieve success. Dreaming a broken or useless hand ladder indicates no chance of success in what you are planning. Dreamed of passing under a ladder indicates that taking unnecessary risks. Dreamed falling from a ladder next insinuates failures. Dreaming stately stairs and luxury is an invitation to work hard to be worthy to use them as their own. Dreamed of sitting on some steps in the dreamer debts hints about their ability to achieve what you crave….

Shoe horn

To dream that a shoehorn is hinted that soon there will be a change in the affairs, business or family and friendly relations. To dream that handles or use a shoehorn indicates that the above change is already present and should be careful what he says and does, as an indiscretion could create major problems. Dream shoehorns are two indicates that in the immediate future two equally difficult situations presented and will have to decide for one of them. If one of those two shoehorns is normal, so it is able to use, and the other is defective or in poor condition, involves two options | one that is known beforehand right and the other is known is improper or wrong, but that is exerting very strong pressure, and depend on one’s energy on rejecting or accepting knowing the risks. If those shoehorns are in the hands of the dreamer, it indicates that the problems are already present and must proceed immediately to resolve them….


Dreaming with flaming torches in bode well for everything, especially if the dreamer is a young person. If the dreamer carries a torch means it will be lucky in their love and in their companies, they triumph over their enemies and, in general, will do well in life. On the other hand, see the lighted torch in the hands of others means that others will discover the evil that has been done, and that the punishment will suffer, more concerned to avoid. If the torch is off it indicates otherwise….


Dream a cane announces the probability of relationships with people who could help you solve your problems, but could also harm. Dreamed of walking and using a cane is a warning for advice and maybe even helps another person to solve the problem at hand. Dreaming beautiful canes and intend to stay with them any hints that are thinking of leaving their interests in the hands of others (partners or employees), but this will give bad results….


To dream that feels cold when in fact it is room temperature can not be interpreted in two ways: On the one hand as a harbinger of longevity but with little power, and on the other hand as the sign of a need for solitude and spirituality. Other authors believe that dream cold outside the winter season is a harbinger of misfortune….


Dreamed a scepter in hand suggests the probability of very close up the ladder of employment or occupy an important position in the social environment in which it operates. To dream that others have a scepter in hand suggests that you will continue indefinitely as a subordinate of others….


Dream lamps, lanterns or any handheld device that serves to illuminate the walk and it’s on, suggests that in real life the dreamer is aware of its own affairs, including consciousness, which redound to their benefit. Dreamed that lighting a lamp indicates successful start is handling matters. Dreaming lighting objects, but off, hints mental confusion, so we do not know which way to go | but if dim light appear next to extinction, it suggests that whatever is desired for lost and must work hard to avoid it, correcting errors. Dreamed with a lamp in his hand and falls to the ground, and even worse if destroyed, indicates serious risk of failure when it craves. Conversely, if the lamp intensity increases, it indicates certain success in the immediate future. Cleaning dreamed a lantern, flashlight, etc., it indicates that soon will have the expected success, but on condition that you carefully review the way they work. Dreamed of buying a lantern or flashlight suggests that there will be good business or improve those already being treated. A young woman who dreams illuminating the face of her lover with a flashlight suggests that doubts that is the man for you. If the flashlight indicates romantic relationships break off. Dream lamps, flashlights, torches, etc., is announcing a near future successes in matters being handled. Dreamed with a flashlight or torch in hand, lighting the floor where you walk, he insinuates that is looking for ways to auto overcome or at least accommodated advantageously in their activities….


Dreaming several horses trotting calmly indicates hopes of reaching the desires that have not materialized. It also tends to indicate that highly valued friendships are suffering some pain, for example by failures in business or disease. Dreaming one or more horses in passive attitude bodes well, as insinuated quiet days, no worries. Dream a quiet and grazing white horse is a symbol of strength to succeed and health to enjoy life, which speaks of a good future. If riding on that white horse indicates broad prosperity and important friendships. Dream a black horse suggests bad temper and brutal mistreatment and even to respectable people, but such behavior will not be an impediment to succeed in their business. This same dream in a married woman suggests that there will be problems with the husband. When the horse is brown, suggests the two above listed symbols. Dream a stallion, he suggests unfulfilled sexual desires. Dream a hurt, injured or sick horse suggests that early difficulties in matters being handled or a friend needs your help will be presented. Dream a horse pulling a plow or implies that a vehicle must work hard to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. Dreamed of riding a horse of any color other than black and other than a skinny or sick animal, he intimates successes nearby. If the horse is white, fat and healthy, suggests a prosperity that will allow you to travel and enjoy comforts and material values. If this is a racehorse, suggests frivolity or precipitation of the dreamer, which is exposed to significant losses. Crossing a river dreamed mounted hints and important gains next horse. If the horse falls and the dreamer is coming out of the water and ground, he suggests that all the difficulties that arise will be overcome. If the horse walks into a slope and sliding dangerously insinuates that dreamer affairs are going very badly, so it should require greater attention. Dream a horse riding not let rejections indicates that there will be serious in all matters being handled, even family or emotional. If you manage to saddle and ride the horse suggests that the problems are not serious and will be overcome advantageously. Dreamed of killing a horse hints that (the) dreamer is hurting the sensitivity of people who have trusted him (her). Dreamed of attending horse races suggests the desire to lead a dissipated by having some ephemeral successes life. Dreamed of putting new shoes on a horse most likely it indicates that in everyday life is thinking or planning business not very honest but they redituarán representing significant profits, even knowing that it will also bring problems. This is a dream warning to avoid falling into dangerous temptations. When a woman dreams of riding and carrying on haunches suggests a man who wants a marriage proposal from a suitor who knows. But if you feel scared to go riding, then it indicates that in real life does not rely much on that pretender (in doubt). Dream wild horses grazing peacefully nearby insinuates success in being worked | but if the horses are skinny and very poor pasture and generally the countryside is sad, then it indicates otherwise. Dreamed of riding slowly insinuates that their affairs are going well, but require streamlining, otherwise the long run you will not produce good results. If instead will gallop, it may indicate that by ambition, he is losing control of its affairs….