If we are inside a church, our dream foreshadows the realization of our hopes, but if we see the church in the distance and fail to achieve their entry, the omen is disappointment. In response to the beliefs of the dreamer, some authors interpret the churches symbolize protection and peace, or oppression….


 -To Dream with a church augurs the realization of hopes and desires. If we see in the distance and we do not approach it announces disappointments. If we are in the church talking to other people without paying attention to what happens there warns us that our attitude to life is neglected and we can commit some imprudence….


Enter sign of fidelity to the beloved. Build, strength of spirit. He prayed inside, you will receive the desired support, optimism and joy. 27 – Church – A lucky number sleep Church – 27…


View a church in a dream represents something important and sacred. Dreaming of being inside a church indicates a need for help, support that will allow you to follow the right path….


 Possibility that the economy improves….


Dreaming huge flares as those produced in the farm fields to prepare for planting, it bodes well for the immediate future. To dream that your house is burning announces misfortune in the family, loss in business, love failures, etc. Burning something dreamed suggests that soon will come out of the problems afflicting it. Dreaming burning hands is a symbol of repentance for wrongdoing. In a way, this dream is a self-purification of consciousness. Dreamed of walking on burning coal means security in itself, so it will succeed in everything you do. It also suggests that enjoys very good health and have energy to perform any activity and imposed on its competitors, business case | in terms of sports, it may mean that overcome their opponents….


The smoke usually indicates chimeras dreams, desires passengers wealth and ephemeral pleasures inconsequential. Smoke dreams have much to do with the dreamer’s subconscious, for example warning him that is in the process of respiratory disease. In dreams smoke coming from somewhere he insinuates that is leading a life of illusions and ephemeral pleasure craves. Dreamed of in smoke, without actually there in the room the dreamer indicates that you are startled by doubts and fears as a result of an intense nervous state. When the smoke dominates the dreamer, announces the serious danger of falling into traps sycophants who only seek to harm it. Dreaming fighting and finally overcomes smoke coming out unscathed from the accident, it indicates that the obsession begins to decrease, limitations, complex and illusions, until finally disappearing. Dreaming smoke emitted from a woodpile announces the presence of enemies that will try to harm the dreamer. But if the wood is burning intensely, then it indicates that the enemy will fail in their attempts. Dreamed of walking on burning wood or any other type of fire and burns feet, indicating that runs the risk of failures and losses caused by false friendships. However if it can walk on fire without burning, indicating that save all obstacles….


 -A Church organ whose character prefigured ceremonies will be indicated by the musical ear piece and circumstances of hearing. If untreated organ of a church indicates favorable news and events or not depending on the music performed….


Dream a stunning fire or fire of something itself indicates risk of loss, and worse if the accident victims but if there are none and the dreamer is seen only as a spectator, then it indicates that the enemies or competitors are losing their chance to beat him . Dream a nice or bright fire, Smokeless ie, insinuates that is at peace with itself, which will give ample opportunities for success in life. Handling fire without burning dreamed announces major successes. Dream a place where there was fire it indicates grudges, revenge, resentment toward other people and soñante them to the dreamer. Dream a major fire at a time when it is preparing a trip, it indicates that the trip will be successful and enjoyable. For a person linked to intellectual milieu honors and indicates future success. Dream a nice fire announces the visit of sincere friendships or simple but pleasant surprises. Dream that one’s home is on fire indicates love. A business person who dreams that her business is on fire, but without the dreamer suffers burns, indicates intense activity and good profits in business or employment. If the dreamer is fighting the fire with water and other means insinuates that will pass concerns, frustrations and hard work before reaching the victory. Dreaming the ruins of a building owned by the dreamer after a fire announced various problems and bad luck, despite the apparent prosperity in which we live. This is a warning dream. Fire Dreaming is good omen in most cases, depending on your indicated how dreams. If you see the dream without burning, it is a good symbol, it indicates success in life, but if it burns is warning of failures and problems….


His house, bad omen, danger, illness or death. A commercial establishment, economic losses. Burn any part of your body, infornutio signal and inability to engage in work. That a piece of furniture or part of your house burns down, portends affray and family conflicts. That burns a building, big problems ahead. Burning simmering, instability in their relationships. 75 – burn – A lucky number of burning dream – 75…


(See CHURCH) 40 – Temple – A lucky number sleep temple – 40…


A building, or it appears you try to be a different person from their “” true. A church, false repentance, lie and deception. 43 – facade – A lucky number facade sleep – 43…

Stained glass

 If we see the window of a church means introspection, meditation and inner peace….


 If wood is indicated that the proposition that made us is misleading. If the bank is stone the proposal must be taken into account. If iron is anger proposition accompanied by a gift. Distrust. If the bank is a church marriage proposition will. Then we trust in her. If the bank is a school indicates that we still have much to learn….


 Flowers are the symbol of the fleeting and transitory. If we see flowers we express our need to find another soul that fill our emotional needs. If we take flowers it indicates that a relationship will be intense and reciprocated. If we receive another person they are a guarantee of us who love delivery. If only the smell reveals to us that we missed a good opportunity. If we see them withering it indicates that a relationship comes to an end or reflects disillusion and disenchantment. -The Orange and yellow flowers reflecting life and creative energy. -The Red burning passion and feelings. -The Blue dreamy unreality….


 Symbolizes the cycles of life, dependency, indirect knowledge, mobility, growth, imagination, the subconscious, the psychic and everything that is receptive and impressionable. In dreams it relates to all things female and fruitful, especially with love and romance. The phases of the moon will indicate the degree of evolution than forecast. -To Dream a landscape illuminated by the moon indicates love and romance. If the moon is new he speaks of harmony, a love that is born. If is crescent it is a burning love that grows at times. -The Full moon indicates the culmination of love. -private Is waning mature love that stimulates the wishes of parenthood. The moon surrounded by a halo portends penalties. -a Lunar eclipse indicates love problems that can reach the complete break….


 Almost always it reflects a real need. If it not so symbolizes a burning aspiration of mystical or religious unless we are forced to drink muddy or hot water, in which case reveals disappointment, disappointment or resignation to the inevitable….


Olive branches and palm Palm Sunday are best symbolize the triumph of life and love. Dreaming of a burning and flaming green branch means the definitive nature of love even though we lost hope….


 -Adquirirlos Indicates joy and happiness. If we steal, financial worries. -Verlos Burning, waste of money….


Dreaming of a bull means strength, burning and power. To dream many bulls provides a success in love affairs. On the other hand you can expect difficulties in business or a major loss….

Ironing Board

Ironing clothes dreamed indicates that family and social relations are good, so business will continue to thrive. When a woman dreams ironing and burning hands, he suggests he is jealous and can get sick. If you burn the clothes in the dream, then suggests that suspect or know of the existence of a rival. If the iron is cold, then the problem will go without consequences….


Dreaming tree trunks, plants, etc., it is very common in people living in the countryside, for their constant contact with plants, which gives a symbolic value in dreams. Dreaming one or more trunks lying on the ground, but still fresh and green foliage, suggests that the dreamer leads a quiet life and good relationships with both family and neighbors. Dreaming one or more tree trunks abandoned on the ground, with branches and leaves and old, announces sadness, nostalgia, bad business, bad times and bad health for the dreamer. A log burning dream, whatever it is, suggests that soon there will be heavy losses on the business and affairs themselves. To dream that a tree trunk is almost consumed by fire suggests that a loved one die soon, although it is not known of any ill….


Dream spots on hands or clothing is warning that arise in family quarrels, anger and misunderstanding for inconsequential reasons. Dreaming others with stained hands indicates that receive accusations and unjustified insults. Washing hands dreamed provides that the dreamer wishes to join cheerful and festive groups, but does not know how. When a woman dreams of admiring his hands insinuates that want to attract the attention of a man. When a woman dreams of admiring the hands of others envy and also indicates that suffer from jealousy of a man. When a woman dreams a man’s hands pressed he suggests that risk of committing wrongdoing or illegal. A woman who dreams that other people kiss his hands, is a warning that will fall victim to intrigues against his good reputation. When a woman dreams of driving fire without burning your hands, suggests that achieved an important position in the environment in which it operates. Dreamed with his hands tied suggests the impossibility to achieve what you want | but if the dream manages to untie it indicates that efforts will win. Dreaming beautiful hands insinuates that have social successes, which foresees an improvement in matters being handled. Dream even worse ugly and deformed hands, hints coming failures that can lead to ruin. Dreaming bloodied hands a bad dream that expected sadness, diseases, etc. Dreamed with a bad hand or injury he implies that someone will take advantage of the work and effort of the dreamer. Dreaming an amputated hand suggests that a lonely life because of the self and those around him will be misunderstanding. To dream that burns hands indicates that it is about valuing their ambitions of wealth, fame or power. To dream that your hands are hairy indicates that it is not suitable for encumbrarse in your job or business | It is a complex interiority. Dreamed with very long hands indicates that soon achieve at least part of what you crave. Dreaming hands dwarfed indicates otherwise. Dreamed with dirty hands indicates envy and selfishness….


Dreamed of working at a desk indicates bad luck and futile efforts. If money appears on the desktop, then it indicates hardship, poverty and various other problems. Dreaming something written but incomplete hints that what is being handled in real life requires more attention. In the event that the work appears complete and clean, it indicates that all is well and in order. Dreamed of writing something it implies that you have doubts and fears of failure | but if you feel satisfaction in sleep by what he wrote, he indicates that their fears are unfounded. Lost dream that insinuates a written neglect what is being done, which will cause various annoyances. To dream that you just typed is burning insinuates success in life….


Dream house a lighted fireplace hints that all matters at hand is going well and some prosperity. Dreamed of throwing a burning fireplace firewood indicates that your affairs will improve markedly due to the attention being paid to them. If any fuel wood sheds being off it indicates losses and failures. To dream that smoke from a chimney indicates factory work, that is, that the issues are on track. Dream factory chimneys, without smoke, he hints that his affairs are declining and bad times that will bring problems, diseases approach, etc. If you dream that the chimney collapses, it indicates a collapse in its activities….


Dreamed of bathing in clean and transparent water is success announcement, joy fun, etc. | conversely, if the water is dirty and worse if muddy, announcement is at least diseases or bad news. Dreaming children playing with clean water is a sign of future success and happiness in the family | but if they play with dirty water indicates the opposite. A young woman bathing in clean water dream suggests that their relations or honest desires themselves are likely to be formalized and reach a successful end. Bathe involves using water, and water in dreams, since ancient times is well known meanings: The crystal clear water indicates health, happiness, joy. Turbid water indicates discomfort, dislikes, disappointments. The muddy water indicates illness, misfortune, poverty, hatred. To dream that you want a good bath can indicate first that the body is in need, but when this is not the case, then symbolize that are living hectic moments, with much nervous tension and haze and tranquility desired. Not dreamed of bathing in clean water suggests a burning desire to meet and get along with a person of the opposite sex, this dream is common in women and young widows of marriageable age. Dreamed of swimming with others, for example in a pond or pool, is warning to avoid bad company that will make slander, libel and other damages, this dream is much more indicative if the water is dirty or muddy. Dreamed of bathing in very hot water is usually a bad sign, because it could happen that the body is entering fever, or that the atmosphere surrounding the dreamer is exceptionally hot. If not any of this, then it would indicate that the dreamer is overly worried about something. Dreamed of bathing in cool, clean and clear water is a clear announcement of improved health, and if the symbol sea water is much better. Dream white flowers in a bathroom indicates a risk of developing a benign disease such as a cold, if they are yellow flowers and not in a vase, should turn precautions. If flowers are dark (purple or black), the thing is serious, and maybe the disease is already in the body and is serious. A young man who dreams of a bathroom insinuates that has natural tendency to frivolous and unsavory amusements. Bathing dreamed indicates intimate satisfaction of himself, so it can take a chance on important issues or businesses such as social relationships, business, etc….


Dreaming a wood stove and turn it into a dream indicates discord and disharmony in the house. Extinguish a burning is a sign of solving old problems and reconciliation….


See the moon in your dream represents something hidden, mystery with a feminine aspect of himself. It also symbolizes the cycles of life, dependency, indirect knowledge, mobility, growth, imagination, the subconscious, the psychic and everything that is receptive and impressionable. Com dreams moon relates all things feminine and fruitful, especially with love and romance. The moon cloudy night in a dark signal misfortunes and losses. See the moon growing in a dream indicates changes, renewal, and the cyclical movement. You are progressing smoothly toward your career. If you are crescent it is a burning love that grows at times. Dreaming of a landscape illuminated by the moon indicates a romantic love. The phases of the moon indicate the degree of evolution foreshadowed. Full Moon termination means and goals. The bright and beautiful full moon means new romance, joy and peace. The new moon symbolizes new projects or negocions to perform and development. The New Moon is also a sign of harmony, of a love that is born. To dream that the moon will decreser means infidelity of her lover and disappointments in business. See the eclipse of the moon in your dream means that it is overshadowing your feminine side. Also provides for Disease someone close to you….


It is one of the archetypal elements of the universe and symbolizes the purification of the spirit through understanding. To analyze our dreams with fire, we must observe the shape of the flames. A devouring fire, opposite the flame brightening, symbolizes the exalted passion. A small but well lit fire, smoke, represents the desire and tenderness, our need for human warmth. A fire burning can hardly talk of betrayals or problems, omens that concern both the body and the spirit. Feel threatened in sleep, by the flames, he speaks of an intuitive to see us overcome by a company that holds any fear disloyalty or failure. Some authors believe that dreams in which we are stoking a fire can have a relationship with sexual desires or desires for revenge….


Sometimes the dream meets a real need that can be caused by fever, etc … but it is not the case the dream symbolizes a burning need for personal evolution, often spiritual or mystical type. Some authors are very sensitive to that kind of water we got to quench that thirst in our sleep, because if it is cloudy or dirty liquid consider harbinger of deceptions or disappointments on the way we choose to achieve this development….

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