Dreamed up a car indicates that a trip already has in mind will happen soon, but in different conditions as had been thought. Dreamed of a car down insinuates that what started out well is likely to end badly if not timely monitors the details. Dreamed of driving a car in a place or street where many people indicates success, but also envies trying to thwart what has been achieved. Dreamed of driving a car on a road where high mountains are seen in front indicates a desire to climb the ladder to reach important hierarchies, it is possible to do through hard work, perseverance and effort. The mountains are a symbol of effort. Many dream of moving cars suggests that in the immediate future will be made short trips and quickly issues that disturb the tranquility will be handled. Dreamed worried about losing their own car, but then found, indicates that these setbacks will soon. Odds and time that occur in the dream to find and retrieve the car are the same as mediate to solve their problems. Dreaming a new luxury car hints that longs to have one, though not luxurious. Also, they are coming very dear visitors, or will have to make a short trip to visit someone simply for affection and pleasure. Dreamed of driving a luxury car, especially if it is black, it insinuates disease careless health. This is actually a dream warning to avoid greater evils. Dreamed of driving a car simply it indicates that is restless (a) notwithstanding be living in nice condition. Also announced that soon there will be changes in matters being handled, in which case you should be very careful with their conduct and character, as any mistakes will bring dire consequences. Dreamed of driving a car accompanied by someone and produces an accident, he suggests that its affairs are going well and the risk of ending abruptly and run with negative results. Dreamed saved from being run over (a) by a car or hints that the dreamer must move away from situations or dubious business, light loves and rivalries of all kinds | in short, it is a warning to withdraw from anything that is not clear in the mind of the dreamer. Dreamed seeking or trying to get a luxury car indicates vaulting ambitions that could not be satisfied with the simple effort of work. I dreamed of traveling in an old and dilapidated car of any kind, it is an omen of bad luck in the immediate future (bad business, setbacks, illnesses, etc.)….

Playing cards

Dreamed of playing cards suggests lightness and superficiality in handling their own affairs. Dreamed of playing money cards is to notice that you’re risking as at least and finally considerable losses and problems suffer. Dreamed of playing cards with several people, but no money involved but just for fun, suggests good social relations. Losing dreamed of playing with cards announces the presence of adversaries waiting for the opportunity to attack the dreamer, even legally. A young woman who dreams that her fiance is playing cards, is a warning that is not the man for him for husband, for only looking for fun. The cards in dreams usually have the following meaning: CLUBS: difficult and complicated marriage. DRINKS: Love, fidelity, marriage acceptable but not very happy. SWORDS: Widowhood in a short time, many failures, misfortunes. OROS: Business, moving money, many successes….


…Eat, ecretos discovered, faithful servants or employees. A field strewn with carrot, unexpected benefit. 19 – carrot – A lucky number carrot dream – 19…


Carnations dream means love and passion. Almost all authors interpret if carnations are yellow, the dream you are announcing the appearance of jealousy in the relationship. If in the dream you see yourself giving carnations to others and considering their color, you can understand that if they are red, samples desires of a sexual relationship and if they are roses, you want to declare your love. Whites understand more about family feelings….


(See CAR). 87 – car – a lucky number dream car – 87…


 If we work for a carpenter it is that we will receive useful and helpful tips. If we are carpenters warns us to dedicate ourselves to our work harder. If we dream that the carpenter gives us something of what he does or buy it portends reorganization of our intimate life….


 It is our own life that is represented and everything depends on us. -The Gasoline represents our energy capacity. -The Body, our external appearance. -The Steering wheel control capability. -The Brakes will. -The Electrical circuit, intelligence. -The Headlights, our ability view of the facts. If the car is in good condition it is that we have confidence in ourselves. If is in bad condition represents our fears. If we are driving the car alone indicates desire for independence. If we travel accompanied the actions of the passengers, including us, we will reveal what our attitude to those around us. If you drive another person means that we are not masters of our destiny….


If sleep carrots are freshly harvested and kept cool, usually harbinger of joy in the family and understanding with those around us. However, when in sleep carrots is spoiled or rotten, often they presage that will be responsible for the separation of others, either intentionally or unintentionally….


The profession of carpenter symbolizes practice and daily life, and the need for attention and commitment to all those kinds of tasks. If the carpenter is another, it can be interpreted as the need for advice on how to manage our affairs and the arrival of useful tips of our environment….

Take care

 Whether someone care like we care portends to feuds and quarrels….


Dreaming of freshly harvested and fresh carrots indicates joy in the family and understanding with those around us. When in a dream, we spoiled or rotten carrots, indicates that we are responsible for the separation of other people and your misfortune….


Dream we walk on a carpet indicates, according to many interpretations, we’ll get live comfortably thanks to our work. But if the carpet is not in the home, or is misplaced, you can tell that the means of achieving that welfare is not conventional or perhaps represent the risk of falling into illegal activities….

Cargo ship

Dreamed of traveling in a boat cargo sailing freely in clean water suggests that, through hard work, soon will conquer its purposes, including those related to business and money honestly earned Dream a cargo ship sailing in stagnant and dirty water insinuates that his business walk bad and hardly succeed in their claims….


You will have an unexpected encounter with a person who did not see. happy events. 4 – Carnival – A number of lucky Carnival Dream – 4…


problems solved and unrequited love. 25 – scar – A lucky number scar sleep – 25…

Playing cards

Play, danger of falling into a violent temptation. Use the right. 40 – cards – A lucky number of sleep cards – 40…

Water carrier

See a carrier of water in a dream means favorable prospects in fortune and love. To dream that you are a carrier of water expected to rise above its current position….


Dreamed of traveling in a slow and antiquated peasant wagon or carriage pulled by an old horse or an ox hints that an arduous and intense work in the immediate future will be. Dreamed of watching a slow passing wagon indicates that belatedly receive bad news. This dream advises that need to be patient. Dreamed of leading a slow wagon is warning that with due patience and persistence will achieve its objectives. Young people who dream of traveling in a slow wagon, suggests that aspire to have a happy and peaceful marriage, although there is no riches or luxuries….

Magic Carpet

To dream that you are riding a magic carpet indicates that it is overcoming its obstacles and physical limitations….


Dreams where a carpet appears often indicators of tranquility….

Magic Carpet

To dream that is mounted on a magic carpet indicates that it is overcoming obstacles and physical limitations….


Carnival dream means you will have an unexpected encounter with an important person….

Tarot cards

Dreaming of a Tarot reading indicates your current situation and state of mind. You are open to explore your unconscious thoughts and feelings. Attention should be given to reveal and consider Tarot cards meanings. Wands represent fire, inspiration, spirituality, action, initiative, and psyche. The game of swords means the air, determination, strength, and the conquest of fear. They symbolize cups water, emotions, purity, and your outlook towards life and future. Finally the pentacles denote financial gains, social influence, knowledge and connection with nature and earth….


 Dream of a carnival ride warns us that we must be accountable if we let ourselves be carried away by the easy pleasures….


Ignitions, danger of breaking with a loved one. Dull, repressed passion. 61 – carbon – A lucky number sleep coal – 61…


 Possess is indicative of potential conflicts….


 Signal an upcoming change in their favor….


 Announces the decline of their activities….


 -Walk Indicates an evolution in your situation. -of Horses augurs moneymakers. -of Cars, deep desire for change….


 -Just Indicates harvested family joy, understanding and mutual understanding. You -Echadas and unpleasant to lose color, you will be guilty of a separation….